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APS New Staff: Cat Walton

APS New Staff: Cat Walton

Hailing from Hilton Head Island, SC, by way of Seattle, WA, Cat Walton has joined the APS team. Keeping up with the company’s
history, Cat is not new to the sailing world. Here, she talks about Sailing, her big move back East, and her future with APS.

When did you start sailing? Why?
I started sailing off the coast of Maine in a Blue Jay because I needed faster transportation from the beach to islands in the distance. Basically, I guess I reached a point where kayaking just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.
Is that your favorite place to sail?
So far, yes. Maine in the Summer and the Caribbean in the Winter.
Do you have any crazy tales? Lessons learned?
Yes. Doesn’t everyone? I capsized that little Blue Jay in Maine. The water was so cold, and those boats don’t self-bail. Luckily, I was with another person, and we weren’t out in the middle of the sea. Should have checked the weather…and maybe shouldn’t have tried for that last circle around the bay.
Why did you move to Annpolis, MD?
I like boats!
Are you happy to be joining the staff at APS?
Most Definitely. It’s pretty cool to find a job out there where if you’re not out on the water, you can at least think about being out there 40hrs a week. Also, everyone at the company seems pretty cool so that’s a plus.
What do you think about the APS “Meet the Staff” profile questionnaire?
Pretty silly stuff. I guess it shows machines don’t do all the work, and it would help someone figure out what appetizers to order for everyone from the Mexican Cafe.

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