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Harken Sailcloth Purses | Expert Review

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Forget about those expensive Louis Vuitton purses. The Harken sailcloth purses look and function better than expensive designer bags. They make the perfect gift for any sailing enthusiast and they’re more water resistant than your average purse. I take my sailcloth purse with me everywhere and I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty because it’s made of sailcloth and you can simply wipe it clean. I think the real bonus about the purse is that it’s unique and in the realm of purses, it’s hard to find a unique purse that conveys my lifestyle.

Harken makes two differently styled purses, the Sailcloth purse which is a longer strapped, over-the-shoulder purse and the Classic purse, a smaller underarm purse. I own the Sailcloth Harken purse, the size and length work perfect for what I normally stow in my purse. It’s made almost entirely out of sailcloth can fit a wallet, keys, cell phone and all the essentials that you would normally store in your purse plus more. The Sailcloth features an outside pocket for throwing small gadgets in and an inside pocket divider for separating items. It has a zipper opening and nylon webbed handles. It’s available in Kevlar Yellow, Carbon Black (my personal favorite) and Dacron White.

The Harken sailcloth purse is most certainly a conversation starter and an obvious fashion statement around the sailing joints. The price won’t put a hole in your wallet either and it’s likely the cheapest investment you’ll make for sailcloth!

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