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Rocky Gore-Tex Socks for Sailing | Expert Review

APS Staff Review: Rocky Gore-Tex Socks
Rocky Gore-Tex Socks are another favorite item amongst the APS staff. When sailing, we’ll do practically anything for warm and dry feet! These socks are a must and Warren in Customer Service has written a short review on his favorite gear and why having these socks will keep your feet happy.
Rocky socks, My ode to thee…
I would love to count the number of times that my Rocky socks have kept my feet dry and me sane, but I would have long run out of fingers and toes by now, seriously. All kidding aside, Rocky socks are genuine Gore-Tex Dry socks that are actually the coolest thing since sliced bread. Rocky Gore-Tex socks are designed to keep water out of your shoes and keep your feet dry. I was first introduced to these socks about 4 years ago and immediately fell in love with them. They are the perfect way to keep my feet dry and happy for the majority of sailing that I do on small, but often damp, keelboats such as the J22, Star, Etchells, and J80. They work amazingly well at keeping water away from your feet using a soft Lycra seal that goes around your leg at the top of the sock. However, as all good things must come to an end at some point, when your feet do get wet, these socks are the best on the market about getting your feet to dry quickly, using the wicking the properties of Gore-Tex. As the sock is a Gore-Tex sock, it is basically a high tech shell for your feet, and will provide no warmth. So you need to pair the Rocky socks with a technical/wicking sock of your choice. I prefer the Wigwam Fusion Socks- Boot Sock, as they very effectively move water away from your feet and provide a medium amount of warmth. Then select your favorite sailing deck shoes and off you go. Rocky Socks are great because they are a fraction of the cost of true Gore-Tex boots, less bulky, and more versatile. They also work great for hiking, or just walking around in rain or snow, as I have used them in both.
If you have ever been to a boat show here in Annapolis in the rain you would likely see most, if not all, of the APS staff wearing Rocky Socks to keep their feet dry and happy. I personally have used them as an effective substitute for owning offshore boots on short to medium distance races. I know Aaron here in Customer Service wears them when iceboating to keep his feet happy. You won’t catch me without Rocky socks in my gear bag anytime soon, and if you do, I will be grumpy, because my feet will be wet and cold. Let’s hope I don’t forget my socks and I hope to see everyone on the water.
Thanks for the review Warren!
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