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Aquastar Match Race II Watch | Expert Review

Aquastar Match Race II Watch
We”ve introduced a lot of new sailing watches this season and the addition of the Aquastar Match Race II is yet another watch added to our list. This classy Swiss made watch is very stylish for both on and off the water. It’s stainless steel making it different in comparison to many other sailing watches.It functions as a sailing watch with a unique countdown display and it”s also waterproof up to 50 meters. The circles displayed at the top of the watch provide an intuitive visual countdown aid which is especially nice for those right brain thinkers. It’s an easier way for people to see approximately how much time is left until the start. It”s made with a durable stainless steel case, easy to use stainless steel buttons and an adjustable black synthetic rubber band for a snug fit.

The countdown is adjustable from 15 minutes to 0 minutes and uses larger numbers so it’s easy to see. The time of day is always visible at the bottom of the watch even during the countdown. It also records the total hours of racing via the regatta totalizer (excuse our Swiss) display below the countdown.One of the great features of this watch is that each button has a unique purpose. The top left button sets the countdown time. The bottom left is the light. The top right is the start/stop button. One push starts and a double press stops. The bottom right is the sync button. Double press that to sync down to the next full minute if you”re late for the first gun. Having to double press the buttons may seem like extra work but it”s designed to prevent you from accidentally syncing or stopping the countdown with your glove or jacket when you don”t mean to.

Another unique feature not usually found in your typical sailing watch is a set of time zones indicating several main cities or maritime regions in the world engraved in the back of the watch. It will tell you that if it”s currently 11:30am in Los Angeles then it”s 11:30pm in Dubai. In all, the Aquastar Match Race II is a tough watch that will keep you prepared on the racecourse and fashionable off the racecourse.
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  1. Had one for about 2 years, loved it, lost it. The buttons constantly get stuck, you have to run it under warm water to unstuck them, and the little pins in the watch band constantly break, it fell off once and was save by the cockpit on my laser, but when I was on a catamaran the pins broke, and it went bye bye. I loved the watch, but it is not for dinghy sailing.

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