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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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That’s right, it’s the time in the season when you’re supposed to honor the old dad. You can bring him breakfast in bed or phone him long distance – but what’s going to take him by surprise and make him feel like a special guy for helping rear you? I’m willing to bet nothing says, ‘Thanks for being my dad’ to your sailing father like an out-of-the-blue package from APS. The following gifts range from $6.00 to $96.00 and will surely make your old man smile.

Now, for the breakdown:


1. Spyderco Saver Salt Knife: Reinforced Handle, Marine Yellow Safety Knife…

What does it say?
“Dad, I want you to be safe.”

“It is symbolic that I am giving you a tool because I am implying that I do not think you are a tool.”

“This gift gives so much – you can send it back to Spyderco any time for a complimentary sharpening.”

2. Aquapac Waterproof Bags for Electronics made to fit phones, VHF Radios, GPSs, Tablets, and Cameras or a Davis Self-Inflating Key Buoy

What does it say?
“Dad, you love the water, and the water wants to swallow your belongings. Let me help you help them float.”

“Clumsy, much?”

“I gave you so many headaches as a child, I’m trying to make up for it.”

3. Any Sailing Books and/or DVDs to Sharpen Dad’s Knowledge of the Rules and his Strategic Cunning. If your dad’s a Laser Sailor, we recommend Rooster Sailing’s new DVD – The Boat Whisperer Tactics

What does it say?
“You fouled me at the leeward mark in that last around-the-buoys. I think you need to brush up on your skillz.”

“Dunh Dunh Dud-dah! You’re my dad! Go fast and conquer!

“You’ve still got it. Go school those youngings on the course.”

4. A Fancy Carbon Money Clip by Pirate Carbon keeping your purchasing power looking oh-so-debonair…

What does it say?
“Dad, you are the coolest.”

“Look what they can do with military spec carbon fiber? You can keep this in your pocket when going through airport security!”

“I love you, and I love Carbon Fiber.”

5. Keeping in the theme of travel and purchasing power, these Travel Kits and Wallets made out of high tech materials come straight from your dad’s favorite brands…

What does it say?
“Take that trip to the Med you’ve been putting off since I was born.”

“You’re not the most organized person I know. I think I should help you out.”

“Isn’t this brand swag great?”

6. Save Dad a trip to the marine hardware store and help him keep his boat looking brand new with a little Gel Coat/Epoxy help.

What does it say?
“Thanks for helping me keep my life in order all these years.”

“I’m not embarrassed by that scratch in your gel coat.”

“We all make mistakes, and luckily, we can fix them.”

7. Favored by many a sailor, a monthly Subscription for Seahorse Magazine just may be one of the best Father’s Day Presents you could give. It’s a little spendy so Dad might not have indulged himself with this one…

What does it say?
“Thanks for teaching me how to read. Check out what Warren in Customer Service at APS calls inspirational sailing literature.”

“My impression of you: You like technical and informational.”

“Happy Father’s Day. Boats and sailing are cool.”


We don’t want you to putter around on the internet all day so we’ll leave you with just a few more ideas for inspiration. Dad’s love multi-tools, drybags are always useful in sailboats, and Weems & Plath products are classic.

Good luck shopping, all you cheerful and kind-hearted children!

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