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SLAM Hissar Shorts | Expert Review

Gear Review: SLAM Hissar Shorts

This morning, I went to the 7-11 near my house to grab a couple of drinks and a muffin — the total came to $7.47. I proceeded to immediately have a J.D. from Scrubs moment, 100% zoning out and imagining that I was on a 747 headed anywhere 1,500 miles south of here. Just like that, I had pictured myself in shorts on aqua blue water, sailing in a warm breeze with some sort of tropical drink. Sometime around Megan Fox coming up from below deck with another drink, the 70-ish year old guy behind the counter told me I was “all set” in between drags on his cowboy killers, bringing me back to the land of blowing snow and stupid cold.

When I got to the office, I was greeted with an email from Rob that our Hot New Item this week was going to be SLAM’s Hissar Shorts in a new Khaki color. While I never got a good look at the shorts I was wearing in my daydream, I figured it was some sort of sign that I should do a review of them on the blog this week. Or that I should give Megan a call, because I hear she’s single now — but I digress…

The Hissar isn’t a new short really, only the Khaki color is. I guess it would have been too much trouble for Rob to find an item that was actually new… his days are so filled thanks to his constant bitching about the Volvo Ocean Race Game (the Magellan of Marketing is about 400 miles behind James and 600 behind me) and providing blog contributions like “James Isn’t Here So I’ll Call Him Waldo” or “My Poetry Sucks and I’m Utterly Incapable of Driving My Car in Snow”. But I digress, again…

The Hissar has come along a bit if you hold it up against the first offering — we’ve watched this product evolve a bit and, in general, there has been a little bump up in the quality. We’re seeing a little more bar stitching for durability and improved sewing on the adjustable waist tabs for a better fit.

One of the first things you notice with these shorts it that they’re light — like a Size 34 is about 7oz. The material used is a pretty unique brushed Nylon; the exterior of the short has a really soft feel that my informal poll of four APS’ers either loved or hated. The interior of the short has a more traditional techy fabric feel, so even if you’re not a huge fan of the exterior softness, it’s not something that you’ll feel all that often.

The seat is reinforced for non-skid protection with a more rugged layer that feels/looks a little like heavy spinnaker cloth, but stronger (see image below). It has two side pockets that are a full hand deep — the right pocket has a smaller, velcro closing pocket for a knife or anything of similar size that you don’t want falling out. There is a right leg cargo pocket that has a zipper for secure storage — there are also drainage holes in the pocket if it’s open and you catch a wave.

The fit is a little “Euro”, which is American for saying clothing is cut narrower and we’re not as skinny as our European counterparts. I’m normally on the edge of 32″ in shorts and pants, but the 34″ were much more comfortable for range of movement and fit (I should admit that I like clothing a little loose; not Dalai Lama flowing robes loose, but allowing for a little air movement). So, if you’re like me, you might consider going up a size.

There are belt loops if you like; there are also side adjustment tabs on the waist, in case you forget the aforementioned belt. Our staff that have a pair all agree that they dry quickly, which is aided a bit by the DWR finish on the fabric. Light spray and wave action will initially bead off the material — you’ll probably need to reinvigorate the material at some point if you want that to continue.

Only concerns really are that you may not care for the feel of the material and since they’re lighter, they are arguably at risk to rip easier. The last point is sort of a stretch though…

Overall, the SLAM Hissar Shorts are pretty nice; at a little over $50.00, they’re well priced for a good pair of sailing shorts. Definitely worth a look.

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