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Gill Dinghy Pro Smock & Trouser | Expert Review

The Gill Dinghy Pro line continues to evolve! The newest version of the line has some great qualities and additional features that accommodate the high performance dinghy racer. In line with the racing function, Gill’s Dinghy Pro line has a sleek design and even more appealing color combinations.

Gill Dinghy Pro Smocks

All versions (Men’s and Women’s) of the Pro Dinghy Smock Top have been engineered for non-restrictive movement. The neck of the garment has been redesigned with a PU seal that adjusts with Velcro.

The Velcro adjustment on the neck is unique – You simply pull two elastic tabs backward and adjust for a snug fit. The PU seal with Velcro adjustment is also present on the cuffs of the Gill garment.

The Pro Top has a front zipper neck closure for cooling and ventilation with a gusset behind. This zipper component is nice compared to other Velcro closures that tend to close on themselves when moving around the boat. The waistband also adjusts with Velcro and is made of a non-lift neoprene so the Gill Pro Dinghy top for men, women, and juniors will not ride up while sailing!

There is a hidden, non-intrusive side pocket on the waist of the garment that can be used to store small items. And in case you get soaked by a wave, the pocket is self-draining!

But don’t take my word for it. The video above has a more in-depth look straight from the horses mouth, per se..

Gill Dinghy Pro Bib Trousers

Gill’s Pro Dinghy Trousers have the same basic look but with some different features and adjustments. A high-fit chest and back give greater protection from wind and water. They feature a semi-elastic waist and an articulated fit so the trousers move with you.

The fabric is abrasion-resistant reinforced on areas that are worn harder – i.e. seat and knees. Gill’s Pro Dinghy Trousers for Women are more accommodating and flattering for a women’s body shape.

All in all, Gill’s Dinghy Pro sailing gear is ideal for dinghy and around the buoy racing. It offers the comfort, breathability, and protection needed when racing. It’s also an important item to bring along on a day sail in case there’s a quick change in weather. It’s good to be prepared!

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