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Henri Lloyd Atmosphere 2 Shirts and Element Shorts | Expert Review

Henri Lloyd Atmosphere 2 Shirts & Element Shorts feature image

Henri Lloyd has a good reputation in the industry, and the new Atmosphere 2 Long and Short Sleeve Shirts – along with the Element Shorts – are going to further the manufacturer’s esteem with the sailing public.

Basically, the Atmosphere 2 long and short sleeve shirts have everything you look for in your tech wear. They’re quick-drying, anti-microbial, UV protective, flexible, highly breathable, and comfortable. The Element shorts have zippered and quick-access pockets for convenience, stretch where you need it, and durability.

These products display good care in the details with flat-sewn seams and designs shaped to fit the body. You’ll have full range of motion to perform on the boat, and you’ll be happy for the carefree, classic style that will take you off the boat. (Really, I mean it. Sounds a little cheesy – but the APS male models looked great in these shorts. I’m just sayin…)

Henri Lloyd Atmosphere 2 Shirts

The list of benefits for this shirt is long. It is made with a Fast-Dri fabric, which once moist or wet, will return to its dry weight quickly. The fabric has Silver Ion technology. This means silver ions in the fabric stop bacteria from forming and offer an antimicrobial finish with odor control.

To get really technical about this gear, you should know, the shirts are made with bi-component technology (a combination of hard and soft shell fabrics) to ensure the perfect mix of protection, flexibility, and comfort. The Atmosphere 2 shirts are soft – but they’re designed to work for you.

There’s a nice, unique feature that is deserving of attention. Henri Lloyd has designed these shirts with nifty mesh side panels running the entire length of the garments – from sleeve end to waist to accelerate moisture evaporation and give you extreme breathability.

The shirts also boast UV SPF 30 Protection Rated by Aussie Rules. I didn’t know exactly what this meant (again, pleading new to APS!) so I looked it up. Apparently, clothing UV-protection classifications were first regulated in Australia. This was in the 1990s when skin cancer had become a mainstream concern, and folks were getting smart to the fact that the sun does in fact penetrate most fabrics.

According to the Aussie sun protection system, the UPF 30 rating given for the Henri Lloyd Atmosphere 2 shirts falls in protection category ‘Very Good.’ This means the fabric will permit about 3.5% UV transmission and effectively block 96.5% of UV radiation. Word on the street (or water…) is that everyone who spends time being active outdoors, and every manufacturer who outfits those folks, is putting more research into sun protective gear. Sounds good to me.

The Good

Mesh panels for increased breathability. The Atmosphere 2 shirts are available with long or short sleeves. They are high wicking and shaped to fit your body. Really, everything listed in the description above could be repeated in this list… Also, they fit true to size (men’s sizes), but work well for both men and women. I’m thinking they called this line Atmosphere 2 because the shirts are so light, it kind of feels like you’re wearing nothing at all…in a good, sun-protecting, wicking way, of course.

The Bad

Mesh panels for increased breathability. That’s right – different strokes for different folks. Not everyone sweats a lot; and if you fall into this category, you might find the mesh side panels a bit overkill. With that said, this would still qualify as an ideal summer/sun protection shirt for those people, right?

(I’m putting this ‘bad’ comment in parentheses because the following effect might not bother you at all. However, I think it’s an important disclaimer: The shirts are relatively thin and “tuft up” over chest hair. With that mentioned, they are indeed thicker than other tech shirts on the market that would be described as thin.)


Of the many ‘yays,’ there was only one ‘nay.’ The truth is, we’re really excited about these new shirts. They are really good tech shirts, and they’re being offered for a competitive price. What more can you ask for?

Henri Lloyd Element Shorts

The technical features of Henri Lloyd’s Element Shorts will not be overshadowed by the handsome and classic design that will attract so many to click through to purchase! Welded, zippered, water-resistant side pockets, quick-access gusseted thigh pocket with a Velcro closure, and like back pockets will house any and all items you need close at hand. A non-corrosive zip fly speaks for the seafaring capabilities of these shorts as does the fabric with details listed below.

A double closure at the waist (inner buttoned closure and snap closure over the fly) and a soft, almost felted feel on the interior will keep you feeling secure and comfortable. The exterior also has a nice feel, and when you touch the fabric, you get a sense of the durability and abrasion resistance. The shorts have a nice stretch. Made of Henri Lloyd’s ST softshell fabric, the shorts are also highly water resistant with a DWR finish that will shed surface water.

The guys who know the Henri Lloyd shorts range say the material feels similar to the Octane shorts with the good fit of the Fast-Dri shorts.

The Good

They fit comfortably. They also happen to be wind resistant, extremely breathable, and nylon-faced for enhanced abrasion-resistance. The easy care gets a big thumbs up, too. Machine wash. (PS. Do not put these in the dryer – you’ll compromise the finish and lose that water-resistance.)

The Bad
The guys who tried these shorts on – no women’s sizes, sorry ladies – say the Element shorts are a bit tight around the hips. The models say this isn’t quite “bad” as the shorts were still very comfortable thanks to some stretch and a hugging feeling. Officially, it was determined the ‘hug’ took some getting used to.

The sizing is a bit confusing. Say you wear a 32 waist or a Medium. Size 32 is listed for the Small on these shorts, but you’ll likely prefer to size up to the Medium if you like a looser fit. Again, you’ll be influenced by the tightness in the hips.


These shorts were a hit. The functional pockets, the durability, the feel, the look are all there. I’m pretty sure there will be more than one APS staffer rocking these shorts this summer. As far as the fit is concerned, our models sized for the fit in the hips and decided they’d stay a little loose in the waist. After all, it’s easy to throw on a belt if/when you need one and to leave some leeway for the BBQ belly.

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2 Responses

  1. i own the element short. i like them quite a lot, and will buy another.

    people typically describe me as thin side (5'10, 160lbs) and i bought the 32in waist.

    even i noticed a close fit around the hips, when i first got them.

    i don't notice it now – perhaps i got used to it, or perhaps they molded to me.

    the stretch feature is better than you would think.

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