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Velocitek Shift Sailing Compass | Expert Review

The Velocitek Shift sailing compass is a magnetic based compass that excels in offering you an intuitive, easy way to visually see headers and lifts.  Whether you’re the owner or the crew, knowing how to operate your on-board compass is a must, but we’re here to help.

This compass is specifically designed to indicate whether you are headed or lifted relative to a pre-set Mean Wind Direction.

Although it requires a little more work up front it reduces the amount of work (and math) you’ll actually need to do during the race.

In the video above Matt will show you how to set your mean heading and use the start function.

Voelocitek Shift Sailing Compass

The Shift contains a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer making it arguably the most accurate sailing compass we offer.   It is a magnetic based compass unlike the SpeedPuck and ProStart which are GPS based.

Additional features include:

  • A 9-axis solid state sensor to track orientation of boat in 3 dimensions
  • Lift-Header Indicator:Big numbers and bold arrows to see how much you’re headed or lifted while massive buttons allow you to instantly store port and starboard reference angles
  • Backlight: Red LED backlight that won’t ruin your night vision
  • Battery: Solar powered with 100+ hour battery reserve.

Like all Velocitek products it is elegantly simple and easy to use.

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