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Musto D30 Knee Pads | Expert Review

 Musto D30 Kneepads Review
Bruises won’t be a problem anymore with Musto’s D30 (dee-three-oh) revolutionary knee pads. Despite the numerous D30 impact videos posted on YouTube, no one here at APS was up to being beaten with a bat in the knees so we decided to take a less drastic measure and test out a few practical impact maneuvers that relate to the sport of sailing. Check out the video below for a closer look at the knee pads.
D30 is a lightweight material that is both flexible and malleable. The material was used in several garments for the 2006 Winter Olympic games. It’s ideal in protective clothing where the wearer may be exposed to blunt trauma, sailing for example. It’s engineered to move with you but when introduced to shock, the molecules in the material lock together to absorb the impact energy and then return to their original state after impact. This all happens in less than a 1000th of a second.
Close up of internal padding
D30 in raw form looks like something from a “b” Sci-fi movie and despite its dough- like appearance, I would not recommend eating it. You can see a close-up of how this material is reformed and moulded for use in protective wear.
The great thing about The Musto knee pads is that they protect you without compromising your freedom of movement. The D30 is integrated directly into the clothing allowing for total freedom of movement. These pads are perfect for someone doing bow, where you come in contact with the boat often.. They”re non-bulky so you can fit them under a pair of pants if necessary. The knee pads come with Kevlar reinforced patches for longevity making them the ultimate impact fighting machine!
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  1. After 7 knee operations, I pay close attention to my knee pads. After using the Sailing Angles pads for years, I bought these new Mustos. They are the WORST piece of gear I have ever tried. The seams of the elastic slip on material are like razors cutting up the backside of my knees. The tech in the padding may be great, but these knee pads should be used as torture devices.

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