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How to Measure Sailboat Lifelines | Expert Advice

how to measure

Instructions for how to measure lifelines

Please read and follow these instructions completely. If you have questions or are unsure about something, call, email, or live chat us before you place an order for rigging. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have

Typical sailboat lifeline layout

What you will need

  • Two people
  • A fiberglass or Steel (no-stretch) measuring tape at least as long as the rigging you will be measuring
  • A fixed anchor point
  • Download and print our Lifeline Measurement Worksheet
  • Visit this page to ensure you are measuring from the bearing surface.
 Sailboat lifeline drawing


  1. Measure and record your lifeline lengths from bearing surface to bearing surface on the printed measurement worksheet.
  2. Indicate all requested part numbers on the worksheet.
  3. Indicate all measurements (port and starboard)
  4. Email or fax the print out to APS to start your order.  Email: Sail@apsltd.com, Fax: (410) 268-0527

Please Note

  • Many boats are not symmetrical, so be sure to provide measurements for both port & starboard sides.
  • You will be providing us lengths from bearing surface to bearing surface. Please visit this page to ensure you are measuring from the bearing surface.
  • We are unable to reuse any hardware from existing lifelines.
  • APS produce lifelines from non-coated 1×19 wire only.

Photos Courtesy of C.Sherman Johnson Co. Inc.

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