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Musto Performance Dinghy Smock Top | Expert Review

Musto Performance Dinghy Smock Top
Editors Note: Unfortunately, This particular Musto Dinghy Smock Top is no longer in production. However, if you are looking for a similar version of a lightweight, comfortable to wear Smock Top, then check out the Musto’s LPX Dynamic Stretch Smock Top. It has all of the same great features, and more!

The Musto team has been at it again, this time providing for the the skiff and performance dinghy sailors with the Performance Dinghy Smock. 100% waterproof and breathable with 4-way stretch, Musto’s new smock acts as your first layer of defense against the windy, wet conditions you face in a dinghy. Made of 84% Polyamide/16% Polyurethane, the fabric combination is strong,lightweight, stretchy, and anti-tearing a.k.a. durable.

The Performance Dinghy Smock was developed in conjunction with Britain’s Olympic team GBR for their top end athletic dinghy racing. With no external Velcro tabs, there’s not hing to snag yourself on while moving around the boat. Musto’s smock is made for conditions in which being completely dry is never an option.

In boats like skiffs or other performance dinghies, you’re getting wet…whether you’re wearing a spray top or not. This provides a waterproof, windproof, and breathable option to keep your body temperature more regulated. With just a neoprene layer, you usually will find your body temperature dropping more than you would like in colder temperatures with high winds. Musto’s Performance Dinghy Smock help to solve this problem by pairing well with any wet wear gear.

The Good

The overall feel is nice and comfortable. It doesn’t have that sticky feeling that you might find on traditional smocks. The fit is designed for performance sailors, with long arms that allow you to move. Super-lightweight. You barely notice it’s there and won’t…until that first wave comes, and you have a waterproof layer as your first defense.

The 4 way stretch is better than any other waterproof top I’ve tried on. The Musto MPX Smock only has stretch on the shoulders – whereas the Performance Dinghy Smock has extreme stretch throughout the entire garment. It’s great. With no Velcro or extras, you can move easily around the boat without snagging yourself. It can be easily worn above or below a life jacket or buoyancy aid, although personal preference with the buoyancy aid underneath you can eliminate the possibility of getting caught on the boat. The sizing is forgiving, thanks to the stretch built into the garment.


Sailing when dry is not an option; this would be a great top to have. It’s waterproof, breathable,and stretchy making it a great top over wet gear. Comfortable and minimalist, it will be a great addition for any skiff or performance dinghy sailor.

The Bad

Musto’s new smock is not designed to keep you dry so if that’s a feature you’re looking for, this isn’t the top for you. The neck is a little hard pull over your head, though it seems wide at the neck once it’s on.

The wrists are just folded over and stitched fabric, making them not stretch well. If the wrists on the Performance Dinghy Smock are sized well for you, then there’s no problem. However, if they’re a bit on the small side,there’s a chance you might rip a stitch or two the first time you put it on.

The top is not going to be the number one choice of all sailors. It will not fit the needs of all dinghy sailors, namely those who can potentially stay completely dry with alternative apparel options.


The top won’t work for everyone, making it a specialist piece. Once it’s on, it’s great. But getting into it is a bit of a challenge.


Over all, the top is great for active sailors looking to find that final layer, with no extras or tabs to snag while you’re moving around the boat. With input from team GBR, the top attributes of Musto’s Performance Dinghy Smock are it’s being waterproof, breathable, and stretchy. It’s a great piece.

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  1. Great top, super comfortable and very dry. The down side is the quality, the stitching on mine has come apart after only 10 to 15 uses. Very disappointing for Musto who have always been a quality product. If they can get the build quality sorted out I would recommend the top if they cant then go for something with a bit more strength.

    Rob O' (SF laser and big boat sailor)

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