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What to Wear Guide for College and High School Sailing | Expert Advice

Are you new to Scholastic Sailing? Wondering what kind of gear you (or your favorite sailor) will need for the upcoming season? APS has developed a list of essentials pieces to get you started. With that said, we highly recommend speaking with your coach to see what other items you might need. Need a PDF to print out? Click here. Warm Weather Spray Top: A good spray top will be the workhorse a scholastic sailor’s gear. It blocks wind and water; and […]

How to Put on a Sailing Dry Suit | Expert Advice

A new drysuit for cold weather sailing is a big investment and knowing how to properly put it on can help preserve it’s life and your warmth for years to come.  Just follow a few simple procedures from the video above and your dry suit should live a long healthy life. A few key things to keep in mind when using and preserving your investment.  We started with the booties.  Remember to always sit down when putting the feet on.  Before you actually step […]

Dry Suit Seal Maintenance with Seal Saver | Expert Advice

In this video blog you will find information on how to use McNett’s Drysuit Seal Saver. We unfortunately Seal Saver is no longer available. Instead, look to McNett’s UV Tech to provide the same great protection. UV Tech is like high-tech sunscreen for your gear. Apply it to anything that sees the light of day to keep it looking fresh, new and protected (especially those latex Dry Suit seals!). You’ll find hundreds of uses for this nontoxic and biodegradable UV protectant. […]

How to Lubricate a Dry Suit Zipper | Expert Advice

With frostbite sailing in full swing, you know the most important piece of gear you have is your drysuit. Drysuits are great for keeping us warm on the water in the colder months of sailing but as much as we love them, they do require a bit of tender loving care. One of the first things you will want to take special care of on your sailing drysuit is the zipper.  Have you been wondering why the zipper has become so […]

How to Replace Laytex Dry Suit Seals | Expert Advice

Doing drysuit repair work on a once 100% waterproof garment may seem like something you can only leave to the pros, but as you will see here, it’s a pretty straight forward job. All you need is the proper drysuit repair materials and a little bit of know-how. I recently had to replace the wrist seal on my suit so I put together a video showing the steps for replacing a seal. The same technique works for any of the seals on […]

Drysuit Maintenance Guide for Packing, Storing, Zipping, and Sealing your Drysuit | Expert Advice

There’s no getting around it, a reliable sailing drysuit is a major investment. But if you carve out some time for drysuit maintenance at the start and end of your sailing season – you should get several years of serviceable life out of your suit. Money well spent in my mind if the alternative is staying on dry land all winter long! In the video above, APS President Kyle Gross will share with you some tips and tricks he’s learned (sometimes […]

Your Sailing Dry Suit Questions Answered | Expert Advice

If you are planning to purchase your first dry suit you probably have a laundry list of dry suit questions that need to be answered such as.. “How do I take care of my Dry Suit?” “Do I want a Metal Zipper or a T-zipper?”, “What if the seals dont fit?” Or “How in gods name do you put a dry suit on?” In the following two videos, APS President Kyle Gross gets in front of the camera and goes through […]