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Winches & Winch Handles

How to Choose the Right Winch Handle Length | Expert Advice

Choosing the right winch handles can be a daunting task. Well, daunting might be a bit dramatic but there are plenty of options to choose from all of which serve a specific purpose. To help with this, we’ll break it all down for you into 3 main categories: locking vs non-locking, handle length and grip type. Winch Handle Length The most common lengths are 8” or 10”.  There can be many factors determining which is best for you but usually it comes down to […]

How to Choose a Locking vs Non-Locking Winch Handle | Expert Advice

Choosing the right winch handle can be a daunting task.  With many options to choose from, we’re breaking it out into 3 main categories: locking vs non-locking, handle length and grip type. Locking vs. Non-Locking Winch Handle First up is a non-locking handle, the Harken Non Locking Winch Handle.  With no locking mechanism, it allows you to easily take it from side to side during tacks, and remove from the winch without any buttons.  The one drawback?  Because it doesn’t lock […]

Selden’s Reversible Winches

Selden Reversible Winches | Expert Advice

During the Annapolis Sailboat show we got to sit down with some of the fine folks at Selden and one thing we learned was that they too are entering the winch game. Although we didn”t get to see one in person we learned that the engineers at Selden have not only designed an entire winch range from the ground up but that they have also designed a manually operated winch with a reverse feature that offers a unique advantage for […]