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Sailboat Line Materials: What is Dyneema line? | Expert Advice

Sailing Line is made with a wide variety of materials, each have unique characteristics that allow them to excel in different applications. In our next few blog post we are going to take you through each option and describe what makes it unique, and how you can use it. Next up is Dyneema line. Dyneema line is made of a popular and versatile “high tech” material that is used in many line applications today.  It is used in single braid and double braid applications. Here’s […]

Sailboat Line Materials: What is Polyester Line? | Expert Advice

Marine rope is made with a wide variety of materials, each have unique characteristics that allow them to excel in different applications.  We’re going to take you through each, and describe what makes it unique and how you can use it.  First up is Polyester, the MacGyver of line materials. Polyester marine rope is the most ubiquitous line material found on sailboats from dinghies to large keel boats and beyond.  It’s uses range from halyards to sheets to control lines to covers for polyester cores […]

How to Terminate Line Ends with Shink Whip | Expert Advice

Sailboat control lines come in all different kinds – single braids, double brands, and blends of Vectran, Dyneema, and polyester. What you may have found out the hard way (in some cases) is that these lines don’t all behave the same way when hit with a Hot Knife or lighter and that sometimes it isn’t practical to make a permanent termination with an End Whip, although this is always our recommended method. We’ve broken it down for you into a few simple DIY ways to keep your line […]

How to Replace Rivets using a Hand Rivet Tool | Expert Advice

Rivets are probably one of the most commonly used fasteners on sailboats. They hold bails on masts and booms, spreader mounts, trim, and much, much, more. Unfortunately, rivets don’t last forever (they last pretty darn close though), but in the event that you need to replace one, grab your Rivet Tool, watch the video above, and we’ll show you just how easy it is. Tools Required: Safety Glasses (safety first!) Rivet Tool Rivets Caliper or Gauge for Sizing the Hole The hardware you […]

Line Review: Dyneema Blended Single Braids | Expert Advice

  Matt from Customer Service takes a look at Dyneema Blended Single Braids As the category title would indicate, all of these lines are Dyneema blended single braids. Constructionally none of these lines have covers (as would be expected from double braids). They are all a mix of Dyneema and another fiber, be it the most popular polyester, nylon or Cordura.  They’re offered in a variety of sizes between 1/8” and ½” diameter. All these lines are malleable, easy to handle, 12-strand (or similar), low water absorption and low […]

Halyard Line Slippage Series 1: Choose the Right Type of Line (January Rigging Sale!) feature image

Line Issues that Cause Sailboat Halyard Slippage | Expert Advice

  Halyard Line Slip. This problem effects nearly all sailors (unless you have a wing).  The next few installments of the Stern Scoop will take a look into what issues cause the slipping and ways to remedy. So you have a halyard line that seems to slip, ey? There are a number of factors we can look at to determine what the issue is… First is to understand the difference between halyard stretch and halyard slip.. Why is halyard stretch important? Halyard tension affects […]

APS Pro Splicing Kit – One of the Best Sailing Gifts Ever feature image

APS Pro Line Splicing Kit | Expert Review

‘Looking for a perfect gift for a do-it-yourself sailor?… and yes, it’s perfectly natural to feel some personal gear lust as you’re out there shopping around. There’s already been a fair bit of buzz going on about the APS Pro Splicing Kit – and the author of the post below (and creator of the kit) says this would be at the top of his list if he didn’t have all the components already. Read on as

Experience Dyneema by FSE Robline

FSE Robline Dyneema Lines | Expert Advice

The 2011 Dyneema Experience Team is underway testing the strength and function of Dyneema and sharing the Experience with the world. APS has been happy to get involved with the project. Here, we highlight Skipper Pete Hunter who has paired with FSE Robline to rework the running rigging on his Thompson 30 Wairere. This is how you experience Dyneema: These backstays have been made from 12-strand single braid Ocean 3000 by FSE Robline, which is entirely Dyneema SK-75, abrasion and […]