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Racing Rules of Sailing Book Suggestions | Expert Advice

See all these books here. It’s December and with that flip of the calendar many of you will be putting away your sailing gear to turn your attention to holiday parties, finding the right gift and not looking fat in that winter parka (we suggest vertical stripes). And while it would be easy to replace the time you normally spent on-the-water with football games, snow tires and your family (you know, trivial things…), I’d humbly submit that you should carve […]

Choosing Sailing Hiking Pants |Expert Advice

The other day a friend of mine asked me about getting a pair of hikers for sailing his Thistle. We sell a number of different types of hikers and the price spread across the choices is fairly wide. “So which ones should I get?”, he wanted to know. It’s a pretty fair question I think. Hikers are something you don’t “have” to get but they sure make life a lot more comfortable on a lot of boats. There are a […]

My Favorite Cold Weather Gear: Gore-Tex Socks

My Favorite Cold Weather Gear: Gore-Tex Socks | Expert Advice

Newsflash: it’s getting cold out. While winter doesn’t technically start until December 21st, Mother Nature held a dandy of a dress rehearsal last weekend. The temperature never broke 50° on Sunday and the wind gusts topped out over 30 knots. Now, I went to a public school, so I’ve never been really good with numbers, but I think that put the feel-like temperature somewhere around -79°. Yeah, yeah… call these guys: Anyways, Sunday’s are a busy day on the water […]