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Musto LPX Sailing Gear | Expert Review 2

We took a first look at the Musto LPX line a few months ago and we”re revisiting it again. It”s not that we”ve run out of ideas for The Advisor, but we were working with sample versions of the LPX at the time of that first review. This left us with details that weren”t 100lear about the materials, look, feel, etc. that the final product would have. There was also a slew of piss poor grammatical errors on my part that rendered that initial post practically unreadable…

Fast forwarding to the present day: my writing skills have only marginally improved but our knowledge about the Musto LPX line has grown by leaps and bounds. We’ve got the real deal stuff in-stock here at APS and the boss-man (Kyle) snagged some to wear around in the interest of giving us an in-depth review. Well, that and he wanted to look cool by being the only one in Annapolis to have this spiffy new gear.

In the interest of sparing you the unnecessary rigors of reading, we”ve gone ahead and filmed Kyle”s review — so kick back, put your feet up and enjoy the video.

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2 Responses

  1. No doubt that three Benjamins is a lot for a shell. When we looked at these last fall I initially said “these are way overpriced.” On second and third look, and after wearing the stuff around for a few weeks, I have changed my tune. The materials and construction are excellent and the lack of “features” (hood, tall collar, extra pockets and adjustments) are liberating. That is to say if you want lightweight gear and is extremely breathable and you are doing sailing that does not require more protection, this stuff is the bomb. You will not see me doing any overnight races in LPX, but it will be my new around the bouys gear if I am in the back of the boat.

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