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Spinlock Zero Buoyancy Aid | Expert Review

Spinlock Zero Buoyancy Aid
Spinlock’s latest High Agility Buoyancy Aid, ‘Zero’ is here! The 50N Zero vest is designed for the more performance sailboat racer. Spinlock put more thought into the construction of the 2010 vest. They took a look at how sailors move around the boat during races and designed the vest to be less restrictive so that the vest moves with the body, rather the body with the vest. The vest itself is very lean and includes high-stretch panels, again, allowing for unrestricted movement.

The other cool feature about the vest is the combination of the vented back and mesh panels. This feature is a huge advantage for racers because your average padded vest does not allow room for breathing. The mesh siding allows air to move through the side of the vest into the back paneling that is contoured to allow the air to travel out, cooling you off and making the vest less like a sauna. The back vents also allow water to quickly drain from the vest which is nice when your being drenched by waves. In all, Zero offers a very efficient design.

Other neat features include:

• Hand warmer pockets with neoprene inside and two mesh pockets

• Quick drain design allowing water to exit the vest
• Body fit belt for easy and accurate adjustment
• Slim profile fit
• ISO 12402-5

When I tried on the vest it felt very lightweight and I had more mobility compared to other vests that are fully padded within. Right around the waist of the vest is where the most mobility is available, making bending a whole lot easier. The adjustable straps are a plus and much easier to adjust compared to other buckle systems. I’m not a huge fan of the top zipper cover that seems to catch on things and flip inside out but, that’s minor compared to the rest of the vest. I think the look of the vest is nice, nothing too incredible. The color combination is a fun mix of light gray, black and green. James looked like a Ninja Turtle in the vest which we all thought was super cool and I’m sure he did too!

I think the most important thing about this vest is how it fits and moves with your body.

Below is a short video with a closer look at the inside function of the ‘Zero’ vest.

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