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Sperry SeaHiker Dinghy Boot GripX3 | Expert Review

“The Sperry SeaHiker Dinghy Boot will give you maximum traction thanks to the GripX3 Technology™ and the Adaptive Wave Siping™ that disperses water underfoot. These boots have the grip that you need whether you are using hiking straps all day or doing deck work on a bigger race boat”


Sperry Dinghy Boot GripX3 Technology

What does all that mean?, you might ask.

Well this summer Sperry released their GripX3 technology paired with the SeaRacer shoes and SeaHiker Boot. As the title sponsor of the US Sailing team, Sperry used their position to get input in designing the GripX3 (Hydro-Grip) outsole during the lead up to the 2012 London Olympics. This technology Sperry claims is their “stickiest”, with Adaptive Wave Siping for wet/dry traction.

Why does Sperry bill this outsole as their “Stickiest Yet”?  The outsole itself is built from Hydro-Grip which is Sperry’s own proprietary non-marking sole rubber compound is designed to promote traction in wet conditions.The sole is designed with an Adaptive Wave Siping tread, like your car tire the scoring into the surface is laid out move the water away from the contact area. It isn’t the most flexible sole that we carry but the shape and bend were designed to promote maximum contact with the deck surface, again for traction.
Sperry Dinghy Boot Son-R TechnologyThe SON-R technology from Sperry found in this dinghy boot has been adapted from their paddling and mountaineering line. Kayakers often have to traverse some obstacle laden and slippery terrain to find a good place to put in for the day. By allowing your feet send information to the brain about the topography, you can balance and adjust accordingly.

Not having any feel underfoot in slippery conditions is a quick way to end up swimming.  Metatarsal Pods found on the SON-R insole allow the transfer of information. Sperry uses the phrase “Seeing with your feet” to describe the way the pods work. Why is this important to sailors? You essentially have a better feel on what parts of the shoe are actively gripping the deck.

There are tons of angles found on the deck some are wet others are nearly dry all the time. Being able to quickly relay what parts of your dinghy boot are engaged with the non-skid will help to maintain balance and help promote your mobility. The pods are also very cushiony and provide a nice bed for bare feet.

All in all it’s a boot that features everything you could ask for from grip to fit to comfort. The combination of design, technology, and practical testing will provide the wearer with a platform to perform and one less thing to think about while on the water.

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