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SLAM Code Three Deck Shoes | Expert Review

APS Staff Reviews Code Three
Editors Note: Unfortunately, we no longer carry the Slam Code Three Deck Shoe. However, if you are in the market for a quality pair of deck shoes, we think you will like the products found in our Sailing Deck Shoes category.
The following is a favorite gear review from our customer service guru, Aaron Freeman. His favorite sailing item is the SLAM Code Three Deck Shoes. 


2011 has arrived and it’s time for me to finally write the blog post that the folks up in marketing have been after me to write since oh…2010. I was to write a product review in December but didn’t get a chance as we had a really busy holiday season. Thanks everyone!

Now that I processed the pile of returns here in customer service which accumulated during our week vacation, I am excited to tell everyone about my favorite shoes on our famous shoe wall.

And they are…drum roll… the SLAM Code Three shoes. These shoes fit like a running shoe and give fairly good arch support. Despite being a substantial shoe with quite a bit of shock absorption and toe protection, this shoe is very light. Weighing in at only 10.8oz each these shoes are certainly in the featherweight (under 11 oz) division along with the Harken Hydroflux and the Sperry Amphibious Lace shoes.

Somehow the folks at SLAM have figured it out; how to make a full featured shoe weigh very little, fit comfortably, and provide perhaps the most important feature a sailing shoe can offer, GRIP. The sole is not a traditional razor cut but instead has “fins” of rubber. These fins are great on every type of deck that I have used them on from the LEGO style deck found on Beneteau’s, to the sanded decks found on many of the newer Farr boats. I end up on the bow of the boat quite a bit so grip is very important to me and this shoe is a winner.

For the ladies you are also in luck there is a sister shoe to this great Code Three shoe called the Code One. Intended originally as a men’s shoe (note: sizing is in mens) the Code One is a bit more shiny and while it may fly as a mens shoe in Italy, in the US it strikes me as more of a womens shoe. Regardless, the most important features of the Code Three are found in the Code One which shares the same great sole and are both featherweights. Regarding sizing the shoes come in whole sizes and do run about ½ a size large.
In the past year that I have owned the shoe they barely show any wear, I try to rinse the shoes after use and as a result they have not acquired the sailing shoe funk yet. I also try not to wear the shoes off of the boat as most grippy boat shoes will degrade quickly when used walking on the street, besides, that’s what flops are for.
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