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Velocitek ProStart | Expert Review

Just released from Velocitek is their new ProStart unit. Like other Velociteks it is a GPS based unit that provides speed and heading. The ProStart really focuses on the ability of a GPS unit to provide an accurate distance to line. The original SC-1 unit was able to do this but with the ProStart Alec and the guys at Velocitek have really fine tuned the design to make the ProStart really easy to use.

We’ve seen one of the demo units here at APS a couple of times but haven’t been able to share information with our customers until today. Last week I took one of the units out in the parking lot to run it through it’s paces. Below is a video staring yours truly with the added bonus of my patented Blair Witch’esque shakey camera effects.

The ProStart is available now along with the mounting bracket.

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