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Welcome to “The Stern Scoop”

Welcome to “The Stern Scoop”

Welcome to APS’s new spot on the Internet, The Stern Scoop.

So, what’s the point of the The Scoop? Well, the idea of starting up a blog isn’t a new one for us… however, it only recently took off after a meeting of the APS Brain Trust, made up of this blog’s three “esteemed” editors and the president of the company.

We decided it was time to launch this donkey because APS gets hit with new/exciting information all the time, and it’s time for us to share that info with you. Also, the three of us really enjoy acting like we know something, despite years of evidence to the contrary.

Expect to see posts about why we like/dislike a certain product, customer feedback on new or existing items, how a product has worked for us, information from our suppliers (read: new products will be “leaked” here), regatta reports from our staff, technical information, etc.

We’re also developing ideas like posting video of our staff training sessions every Wednesday morning, so you can know what we know. Basically, it is our intention to throw out information and posts to help you make better decisions about gear for yourself or your boat. It’s also our intention to have some fun in doing so, usually at the expense of each other’s pride/dignity.

The three characters who will be doing the majority of the posting here are:

James hiking with backpackJames McKenna
Storefront Manager

For those readers who have been to APS’ retail store over the past half-decade, you have probably met James. Our Elf Lord of the cash register, he’s well versed on virtually every product that we carry. It’s actually a little scary sometimes; James has one of those minds that remembers details and picks up concepts at a rate usually reserved for CIA agents and folks putting satellites into space.


Rob holding up large fishRob Beach
Marketing Manager

The mind behind our catalogs and advertisements, there isn’t much that goes on at APS that Rob doesn’t have his hands in. At the beginning of every year, he’s part of our product selection process and he’s always on the front lines of the new products that are coming to market. His humor can be an acquired taste (be sure to check the weather in Annapolis before reading), but his product knowledge is pretty much unrivaled.


Chris sailing giving thumbs upChris Teixeira
Website Manager

You’ll forgive me if I feel a little weird about saying much about myself. I work on the website for APS and I know some stuff about some things. I’m a big fan of eating ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. Like Rob, my humor can take a little while to get used to… unlike Rob, that’s because my humor is at a 3rd grade level, at best. Oh, and I have a distasteful amount of vowels in my last name.


There you have it — we’re going to do our best to make this blog informative, interesting and occasionally humorous for you. We do ask that you always keep in mind that we are sailors, not writers; there’s a reason that we’re writing for a totally unknown, niche blog and not for the New York Times. That criticism of our literary skills aside, be sure to check back often and tell your friends (I get a bonus if enough people show up, so get to it).

Oh, in case you’re wondering about the name, The Stern Scoop, here’s how it came about. On the way out to the race course, there are always “those guys” that stand in the back of the boat and shoot the breeze while the rest of the crew actually does something productive and rigs the boat.

These conversations on the stern usually range from really dirty jokes to thoughts about the rigging and gear. Since that’s the kind of blog we’re planning on having (minus the dirty jokes — sorry, blame Legal), and Rob prefers to stand on the scoop at the back of the boat when he’s being one of “those guys”, we went with The Stern Scoop.

Yeah, there’s also that play on words with “scoop” and us dropping new info here, but that’s not as good a story.


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