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Zero: The High Agility Sport Sailing Vest (Spinlock Sneak Peak)

Spinlock Zero Buoyancy Aid

With METS right around the corner we”re getting an advance look at some new gear coming to market soon. Here is one we just got today from Spinlock. All text that follows is theirs…we of course will let you know as soon as we have more info as to when we”ll be able to offer it to you. Give the picture of the vest a click to see a larger version.

Spinlock’s new Zero is a low-bulk 50N flotation vest designed specifically for the performance user. Its lean shape and supple construction make it ideal for the agile and intensive teamwork that decides success in Sportsboat racing. Spinlock have taken a completely fresh look at the way sport sailors interact physically with boat and gear under race conditions. New research revealed that present flotation wear has become too restrictive for high-agility keelboat racing. Zero’s ‘dynamic element’ construction and high-stretch panelling overcome the problem to give full articulation and unrestricted upper body movement.

Our research indicates that flotation wear can block the drying and cooling effect of base layer and breathable spray tops. By using a combination of open mesh panels and vented back, Zero acts as a final layer of the breathable system.

Other Zero features include:
• Quick draining construction to reduce wet loading
• Body Fit belt system for secure, comfortable adjustment
• Low Profile body shape
• Easily accessed Hand Warmer and Essentials Pockets
• ISO 12402-5
• 3 Sizes

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  1. Our Spinlock rep has told me that they're calling this new vest the "Zero" and we should start seeing these sometime in March. Realistically I think that means we can hope to see these sometime in the summer. No pricing information yet.

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