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Clamcleats - Open Clamcleats - Fairlead Cleats Clamcleats - Side Entry Clamcleats - Roller Clamcleats - Power Grip Clamcleats - Auto Release
Clamcleats - OpenClamcleats - Fairlead CleatsClamcleats - Side EntryClamcleats - RollerClamcleats - Power GripClamcleats - Auto Release
Clamcleats - Sail Cleats Clamcleats - Rigged on a Line Clamcleats - Aero Cleat Clamcleats - CK Cleat ClamCleats - Q-Lok V-Cleats
Clamcleats - Sail CleatsClamcleats - Rigged on a LineClamcleats - Aero CleatClamcleats - CK CleatClamCleats - Q-LokV-Cleats

Clam Cleats and V Cleats
Clam Cleats use a simple V-shaped groove with ridges to hold lines securely on dinghies, catamarans and other small boats. Easy to cleat or release with a quick pull, Clam Cleats work well to securely hold sheets and control lines. V Cleats are simple and efficient. They work well on dinghies and catamarans as cunninghams and downhaul lines. Teeth grab hold to lines securely.

Open Clam Cleats allow the line to drop down straight into the teeth of the cleat to secure it.
Fairlead Clam Cleats guide the rope into the cleat through the fairlead at the front of the cleat.
Side Entry Clam Cleats use a side entry fairlead allowing the rope to be hooked under the fairlead and cleated.
Roller Clam Cleats use a roller to allow ropes to smoothly enter the cleat at angles greater than traditional clam cleats. Reduced friction compared to a fairlead clam cleat means these are great for frequently adjusted lines.
Power Grip Clam Cleats create a handle of sorts allowing you to pull at least twice as hard without the pain of pulling on smaller diameter line.
Auto Release Clam Cleats are designed to be mounted on the tiller for easy release of the rudder when a set load is exceeded (such as hitting underwater objects or bottom). The auto release clam cleat is great for dinghies or any boat with a swing up rudder assembly.
Sail Line Clam Cleats are attached to the sail and perfect for tensioning leech lines or to adjust reefing points on sails.
Clam Cleats – Rigged on a Line are used as trapeze and vang cleats. This cleat has a built in pulley for a quick, secure lock that is easy to release.
V Cleats make cleating easy, simple and efficient. V Cleats work well for Cunningham and downhaul lines. Ronstan V Cleats are also available as a fairlead V Cleat. Holt Allen V cleats are made of stainless or nylon depending on your preference. RWO Swivel V Cleat swivels through 360 degrees and leads line down through the base.

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