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Top Down Spinnaker Furlers Harken MKIV Jib Furling Systems Harken MKIII Jib Furling Systems Ronstan Furling Systems Schaefer Furling Systems Schaefer SnapFurl Systems
Top Down Spinnaker FurlersHarken MKIV Jib Furling SystemsHarken MKIII Jib Furling SystemsRonstan Furling SystemsSchaefer Furling SystemsSchaefer SnapFurl Systems
Selden Furling Systems Wichard ProFurl NEX Furler Code Zero Furling Systems Small Boat Furling Systems Harken Headstay Foils Schaefer Headstay Foils
Selden Furling SystemsWichard ProFurl NEX FurlerCode Zero Furling SystemsSmall Boat Furling SystemsHarken Headstay FoilsSchaefer Headstay Foils
Headsail and Mainsail Prefeeders
Headsail and Mainsail Prefeeders

Furlers, Headstay Foils and Sail Feeders
Furlers and jib reefing are used for ease of sail handling and control. They are sized according to headstay diameter and length.

Harken MKIV Jib Furling System: Harken Headsail Reefing and Furling Systems are strong, lightweight and aerodynamic. Simply installed, they come in many different sizes depending on boat length, wire diameter and rod diameter. We have the Harken MKIV Furler Unit O, Harken MKIV Furler Unit 1, Harken MKIV Furler Unit 2 and Harken MKIV Furler Unit 3.
Harken MKIII Jib Furling System: Harken jib Reefing and furling systems are world renown for their long life span and state of the art materials. We have the Harken MKII Furler Unit 3.25, Harken MKIII Furler Unit 3.5, Harken MKIII Furler Unit 4 and Harken MKIII Furler Unit 4.5.
Schaefer Furling System: Shaefer rigid furlers are strong, easy to control and reliable. Available furling systems are the Schaefer 750 Furling System, Schaefer 1100 Furling System, Schaefer System 2100 Furling System, Schaefer 3100 Furling System and the Schafer System 4100 Furling System
Schaefer SnapFurl System: SnapFurl systems are designed for daysailors and small cruising boats. Simply to install, we carry the Schaefer SnapFurl CF 500 Furling System and the Schaefer SnapFUrl CF 700 Furling System.
Harken Code Zero Furling System: Used for free flying asymmetrical headsails and staysails. The Harken Code Zero Furler works as a Code Zero furler, screecher furler, Gennaker furler or staysail furler. We also have a full line of Harken Code Zero Furler Accessories. We also have sail specific furlers, this includes the Harken Screecher Furler, Harken Staysail Furler and Harken Gennaker Furler.
Karver Code Zero Furling System: Designed as a light sail furler in a minimal weight system. Karver Code Zero Furler is available in many sizes.
Small Boat Furling Systems: Great for reefing or furling jibs on small keelboats or dinghies. Harken Unit 00AL Jib Reefing system, Selden Furlex 20S Furler, Schaefer Free Furling System, Harken Small Boat Furling System and RWO Endless Line Dinghy Furler.
Wichard Profurl NEX Furler: Made for lightweight sails (gennaker, screacher, light genoa, code zero) or heavyweight sails (solent, storm jib and staysails). Installation is easy for the Wichard ProFurl and works well with the Wichard MX Halyard Shackle.
Harken Headstay Foils: The Harken Carbo Foil is a made of very low friction material that makes hoists, douses and sail changes faster and more efficient. Available in different sizes, depending on max wire diameter, from Harken Unit 0 Carbo Foil, Harken Unit 1 Carbo Foil, Harken Unit 2 Carbo Foil to Harken Unit 3 Carbo Foil, there are many different options.
Schaefer Headstay Foils: The Schaefer Tuff Luff sail feeder is made for racing sailors. No moving parts or complicated schemes, the tuff luff kit includes prefeeder, spacer tube, extrusion (foil), tape, knife and instructions. SchaeferTuff Luff Aero Foil has a unique aerodynamic shape that is lighter, stronger and more durable than comparable systems. We also have Tuff Luff parts to replace you feeders, extrusions or prefeeders.
Headsail Prefeeders and Mainsail Prefeeders: Easily and simple feed your sails, we offer many types and configurations of prefeeders. We have the Allen Pro Feeder Opening Prefeeder, Wichard Opening Luff Tape Prefeeder, Spinlock Sailfeeder, Seasure Roller Pre Feeder, Sea Sure Dinghy Mainsail Pre Feeder and the Holt Dinghy Mainsail Prefeeder.

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