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Harken Unit 00AL Jib Reefing & Furling

Harken Unit 00AL Jib Reefing & Furling

MKIV Unit 00AL Jib Furler
Perfect jib reefing and furling system for small cruising and racing boats under 26 ft (8 m). It offers a combination of the key features in larger Harken® furling systems put into a smaller simpler unit. The free-rolling systems are quick to reef and furl while maintaining optimal speed. Now you can stay off the foredeck during a blow and rely on the furler for ‘crew’ when sailing shorthanded.

Typical Boat Length: 20' - 26' (6m - 8m)
Wire Diameter: 1/8", 5/32" & 3/16" (3mm, 4mm & 5mm)
Rod Diameter: -4, 4.37mm
Clevis Pin Diameter: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" & 7/16" (6mm, 8mm, 9.5mm & 11mm)

Headstay Length: Standard - 31'6" (9.60m); Max - 35' (10.67m)
Part Number Description
H1110 Furling System
Clevis Pin Assembly Required - sold separately
H1106 1/4" (6mm)
H1107 5/16" (8mm)
H1108 3/8" (9.5mm)
H1109 7/16" (11mm)
Optional Parts
H909 Extra 6" (152mm) Connector
H1112 Extra 3.5' (1.07m) Foil Extrusion
H7404 Lead Block KitH 3 x H7403/1 x H7402/1 x 7401/1 Cleat
H884 Snap Shackle for Head/Tack (each shackle)
H061 Stanchion Mount Base
H944 Halyard Restrainer (Use Only When Required)
** Use with Conventional Turnbuckle

H061 Stanchion Mount Base, 3/8 (10mm) Price: $27.15 H1106 Clevis Pin Assembly for Unit 00 Furler, 1/4" Price: $44.28
H1107 Clevis Pin Assembly for Unit 00 Furler, 5/16" Price: $44.28 H1108 Clevis Pin Assembly for Unit 00 Furler, 3/8" Price: $24.93
H1109 Clevis Pin Assembly for Unit 00 Furler, 7/16" Price: $24.93 H1112 Extra 3-1/2' (1.07m) Foil Extension Price: $62.86
H7404 Stanchion Lead Block Kit Price: $241.60 H884 Snap Shackle for Tack/Head Price: $72.24
H909 Extra 6" (152mm) Connector, Unit 00 Price: $26.55 H944 Halyard Restrainer Price: $57.88

Schaefer Free-Furling Systems

Schaefer Free-Furling Systems These have really been a big hit. All sizes feature four sets of strong Torlon ball bearings for smooth furling under high load. Aluminum house is nice and compact. 550 series has found its way onto the Melges 24.

Complete Kit Upper Swivel Furling Drum Boat Size Max Wire
ft m in mm
SC35000 SC35001 SC35002 14 - 19 4.25 - 5.80 1/8 3
SC55000 SC550011 SC55002 19 - 25 5.80 - 7.60 3/16 5
SC65000 SC65001 SC65002 25 - 31 7.60 - 9.50 1/4 6

SC35000 350 Furling Complete Kit Price: $471.20 SC35001 350 Series Upper Swivel Price: $152.48
SC35002 350 Series Furling Drum Price: $270.96 SC55000 550 Furling Kit Complete Price: $752.00
SC550011 550 Series Upper Swivel For Melges 24 Price: $211.36 SC55002 550 Series Furling Drum Price: $448.00
SC65000 650 Furling Kit Complete Price: $1,353.60 SC65001 650 Series Upper Swivel Price: $428.76
SC65002 650 Series Furling Drum Price: $850.08

Selden Furlex 20S Furling System

Selden Furlex 20S Furling System

The Furlex 20S is designed for free flying jibs on dinghies. The furling system features stainless steel bearings, adjustable line exit and optional halyard lead arm. The Furlex 20S bottom furler has twin bearing units with 4mm stainless steel ball bearings. These larger ball bearings run in multi-axis bearing units to reduce friction and wear. A further benefit of the bearing design is that with one bearing in the upper part of the furling drum and one in the lower, the radial torque from the furling line is evenly distributed. This eliminates the problem of the drum twisting, a common cause of friction in more basic designs.

The top swivel also has a bearing system with 4mm ball bearings to minimise friction. It is particularly important to select a low-friction top unit to prevent the halyard from twisting, instead of the swivel.

Can be easily fitted on your furling line by tying a thumbknot on the dead end of the line and feeding it through the hole in the drum upper surface. For outer drum rotation, the outer cover can be rotated and locked in one of fifteen positions.

Part Number Description Max Luff Wire Clevis Pin Weight S.W.L. Max Furling Line
in mm in mm oz g lb kg in mm
SLD53945501 Furlex 20S Dinghy Jib Furler 1/8 3 0.35 9 6.12 173.5 1,102 500 1/8 3
Part Number Description Top Pin Hole Clevis Pin Weight Lower Pin
in mm in mm oz g in mm
SLD53945001 Top Swivel 0.21 5.5 0.39 10 2.08 59 0.23 6
SLD53945002 Top Swivel and Guide 0.21 5.5 0.39 10 2.41 68.5 0.23 6

SLD53945001 Top Swivel Price: $61.00 SLD53945002 Top Swivel and Guide Price: $77.00
SLD53945501 LOWER SWIVEL FLX 20S C W/O ROPE Price: $95.00

Harken Small Boat Furling Systems

Harken Small Boat Furling Systems

Harken Small Boat furling systems allow the dinghy or trailerable cruising sailor to set and furl the jib from the cockpit. The drums and halyard swivels of these furling systems feature multiple stacked races of Delrin or Torlon bearings to ensure smoot rotation under load. All Small Boat furling systems reuire a jib with a luff wire properly seized to the sail.

Use for:
H434 - Dinghies under 16ft. (4.9m)
H435 - Dinghies to 20ft. (6.1m) & Catamarans to 18ft. (5.5m)
H436 - Cruising boats to 25ft. (7.6m) & Catamarans to 23ft. (7.0m)

Part Number Description Max Luff Wire Clevis Pin Weight S.W.L.
in mm in mm oz g lb kg
H434 Furler 1/8 3 1/4 6 7.6 215 500 227
H435 High-Load Furler 1/8 3 1/4 6 7.6 215 950 431
H436 Cruising Furler 3/16 5 5/16 8 22.8 646 2,000 907

H162 Upper Swivel for H434 Kit Price: $99.88 H163 Furling Drum for H434 Kit Price: $160.00
H164 Upper Swivel for H435 Kit Price: $120.32 H165 Furling Drum for H435 Kit Price: $181.64
H207 Upper Swivel for H436 Kit Price: $191.40 H208 Furling Drum for H436 Kit Price: $340.99
H434 Harken Small Boat Furler Price: $252.88 H435 Harken Small Boat Furler, Hi-Load Price: $292.48
H436 Harken Small Boat Furler, Cruising Price: $529.52

RWO Endless Line Dinghy Furler

RWO Endless Line Dinghy Furler These use continuous furling lines that provide positive control and a clean cockpit. Aluminum construction with stainless steel ball bearing for high load. Uses 1/4 inch clevis pins. Use for jibs on boats to 20 feet.

Part Number Description Weight Length Breaking Load
oz g in mm lb kg
R2090 Furler Drum-endless line 4.02 114 1.77 45 900 1,904

R2080 Furler Swivel - 1/4 pins Price: $64.18 R2090 Furler Drum - endless line Price: $130.64

RWO Furling Drum - Dinghy

RWO Furling Drum - Dinghy This F.G.1 furling system uses a 2mm single rope for jibs on boats that are up to 20 feet. It has a stainless steel spindle and ball bearings to enhance working loads. It contains a plastic insert to help prevent sail chafe and has a fully enclosed plastic drum to hold the control line so it can't fall off.

Part Number Description Weight Length Breaking Load
oz g in mm lb kg
R2200 Furler Drum Dinghy 3.48 99 1.77 45 900 1,904

R2200 Roller Furler Small Price: $114.77

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