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SnapFurl Headsail Reefing and Furling Systems

SnapFurl Headsail Reefing and Furling Systems SnapFurl represents the latest in quality Schaefer design and engineering. Intended for daysailors and small cruising boats to approximately 28 feet, SnapFurl is simple to install and offers many of the features employed in our larger head-sail furling systems, including open Torlon™ ball bearing races for smooth, effortless operation.

The efficient round foil snaps quickly and easily around your boat's existing headstay without the need for special tools or modifications to the rig. SnapFurl makes it easy to be sailing in no time.

The CF-500 features a reinforced injection molded Torque Tube and Upper Swivel for incredible strength and lightness. The larger CF-700 takes advantage of Computer machining for it's Aluminum Torque Tube, Drum and Upper Swivel.

SnapFurl CF-500 Furling System

SnapFurl CF-500 Furling System

Schaefer SnapFurl CF-500
Typical Boat Length: 16' - 24' (6.1m - 8.5m)
Wire Diameter: 1/8" - 3/16"
Rod Diameter: N/A
Extrusions: One length, single groove accepts #5 Luff Tape

Schaefer's smallest over-the-headstay systems utilize Torlon™ bearing races, composite torque tube and two-piece snap together interlocking high-grade PVC extrusions.

Long fiber reinforced injection molded components make SnapFurl CF 500 unique. Light weight, high strength and smooth operation makes SnapFurl ideal for trailerable boats. Installation is a Snap.

Part # Boat Size Wire Dia Pin Dia Rod Size System Length
ft m in mm in mm dia mm ft m
SCCF500 16-24 4.9-7.3 1/8-3/16 3-5 1/4-3/8 6-9.5 --- --- 31'1" 9.5

SCCF500 System SnapFurl w/o StaLok Price: $798.40

SnapFurl CF-700 Furling System

SnapFurl CF-700 Furling System

Schaefer SnapFurl CF-700
Typical Boat Length: 24' - 28' (7.3m - 8.5m)
Wire Diameter: 3/16" - 7/32"
Rod Diameter: -4 (4.37mm), -6 (5.03mm)
Extrusions: One length, single groove accepts #6 luff tape

The newest SnapFurl uses the snap over-the-headstay, interlocking extrusion system. It requires no headstay modifications. Schaefer quality engineering utilizes Torlon™ bearings, machined aluminum torque tube and drum plates.

Part # Boat Size Wire Dia Pin Dia Rod Size System Length
ft m in mm in mm dia mm ft m
SCCF700 24-28 7.3-8.5 3/16-7/32 5-5.5 3/8-7/16 9.5-12 -4, -6 4.37, 5.03 38 11.6

SCCF700 Snap Furl II - Complete Price: $1,385.60

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