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Traditional Vangs Hall QuikVang Selden GNAV System Selden Rodkicker Seoladair Boomkicker Vang Master
Traditional VangsHall QuikVangSelden GNAV SystemSelden RodkickerSeoladair BoomkickerVang Master

Solid Vangs, Traditional Vangs, Pneumatic Vangs, Rodkickers & BoomKickers
Boom vangs allow vertical adjustment of your boom. Tightening the vang tightens the leech for proper sail shape. We carry a full line of boom vangs; Harken Boom Vangs, Hall QuickVang, Boomkickers, Vang Master and the Selden Rodkicker. Traditional vangs make up various purchase systems for dinghy vangs, small boat vangs, or mid-range vangs. Solid vangs are either hydraulic vangs, spring loaded vangs, or pneumatic vangs. Perfect for keelboats where it is necessary to have the boom remain in the air.

Traditional Vangs: Set ups for dinghy vangs, small boat vangs, mid-range vangs; available as complete vang kits or as separate blocks. This section also includes various purchase systems with Harken Boom Vang Systems.
Hall QuickVang Boom Vang: The Quickvang is a powerful vang purchase with a strong spring return that eliminates the need for a topping lift. QuickVang Mast fittings and QuickVang boom fittings depend on your model and boat size.
Seoladair Boomkicker Boom Vang: The Vang Master is a pneumatic vang that’s ideal for racing boats. Available in many sizes, they are stock as the Melges 24 Vang, Melges 32 vang, and the J80 Vang.
Vang Master Boom Vang: Everything you need for tiller extension parts like RWO Omniflex Universals, Ronstan Universals, Sea Sure Universals, Holt Allen Universals, Acme Fatso Universals, JCD Swivel Universals, Forespar Speed Lock Universals, Opti Parts Universals, APS Universal Kit, RWO Mechanical Tiller Top Universals, SeaSure Slick Release, RWO Mechanical Thru Bolt Universals, Forespar TFP Quick Release, Sea Sure Tiller Extension Clips, Ronstan Tiller Extension Clips, Ronstan Tiller Extension Clips, RWO Extension Ends, RWO Tiller End Caps and RWO Universal Saddles. We also have rope core universals, end caps, and various clips to replace the hardware on your current tiller extension.
Selden Rodkicker Boom Vang: A pneumatic vang it is available as a Selden Type 5 Rodkicker, Selden Type 10 Rodkicker, Selden Type 20 Rodkicker and Selden Type 30 Rodkicker. We have the necessary Rodkicker mounts and replacement parts.

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