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Spinlock XTS & XCS Replacement Parts

Spinlock XTS & XCS Replacement Parts

Spinlock XTS & XCS replacement parts and accessories are available for upgrades and repairs. Replacement side cheeks, handles, handle inserts, cams, and the new smaller line base can be purchased and will give you years of consistently high quality performance.

Spinlock XT & XC replacement parts are still available, even though this clutch is no longer in production.

XTS & XCS Accessories
SPXHDL Aluminium Handle for XTS/XCS Clutch
SPXTSSIDE Plastic Side Fairing for XTS Clutch (pair)
SPXTSSMNT Converts Standard XTS for Side Mounting
SPXCSSMNT Converts Standard XCS for Side Mounting
XTS, XCS, XT & XC Accessories
SPCAM0610 XTS/XTR Replace. Cam 1/4-5/16
SPCAM0814 Cam Upgrade for 5/16" - 9/16" Line
SPCAM0812L Cam Upgrade (Lock-up Version) - Converts 5/16" - 1/2" XT/XC to Lock-Open Action
SPCAM1214L Cam Upgrade (Lock-up Version) - Converts 1/2" - 9/16" XT/XC to Lock-Open Action
SPCAM1216S Silver Cam Upgrade for 1/2" - 5/8" Line - Upgrade for Silver XCS Only
SPCAM1216B Black Cam Upgrade for 1/2" - 5/8" Line - Upgrade for Black XCS Only
SPCAM1216W White Cam Upgrade for 1/2" - 5/8" Line - Upgrade for White XCS Only
SPXLBL Handle Labels for XAS, XA, XT & XTS Clutches
SPXBASE Base for XTS & XCS Clutches
XT & XC Accessories
SPCAM1216 Cam Upgrade for 1/2" - 5/8" Line
SPXHDLB Aluminum Handle (Black) for XT, XC & XR Clutches

SPCAM0812L XTS/XCS Cam Lock Upgrade (8 to 12 mm) Price: $86.42 SPCAM0814 XTS/XT/XC/XCS Replacement Cam 5/16-9/16 Price: $63.28
SPCAM1216 XTS/XT/XC/XCS Replacement Cam 9/16-5/8 Price: $75.50 SPXBASE XT/ XC REPLACEMENT BASE Price: $31.57
SPXCSSMNT XCS Side Mount Kit Price: $47.50 SPXHDL XTS/XCS Replacement Handle Price: $31.36
SPXHDLB XT/XC Replacement Handle Black Price: $31.36 SPXLBL Handle Labels Price: $4.68
SPXTSSIDE XTS Side Cheeks (Pair) Price: $31.20 SPXTSSMNT XTS Clutch Side Mount Conversion Price: $42.54
SPCAM0610 XTS/XT/XC/XCS Replacement Cam 1/4-3/8 Price: $63.28

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