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Allen Brothers Wide Trapeze Ring w/ 20mm Block

Allen Brothers Wide Trapeze Ring w/ 20mm Block This is a very strong ring constructed of 3/16” stainless steel, that is bent, not welded, with an Allen 20mm ball bearing block incorporated into the ring. This ring also features a nylon shockcord keeper or attachment point below the block.

HA4261 Wide Trapeze Ring w/20mm Block Price: $65.09

APS Wide Mouth Trapeze Hoist Ring

APS Wide Mouth Trapeze Hoist Ring Polished 3/16 inch stainless steel stock. You will not miss this ring - the wide mouth makes hooking in easy. 5-5/8 inches long by 2-7/8 inches wide.

APS400 Trapeze Ring - Wide Price: $11.61

Clamcleat Trapeze (and Vang) Cleat

Clamcleat Trapeze (and Vang) Cleat Designed for trapeze adjustment (and vang tensioning). For line 3/16 to 5/16 inch in diameter. Aluminum is available in standard silver (C253) or the new hard anodized finish (C253AN).

C253 Trapeze & Vang Cleat, Silver Price: $23.04 C253AN Trapeze & Vang Cleat, Anodized Price: $23.22

Holt Vertical Grip Handle

Holt Vertical Grip Handle The Holt vertical grip handle allows wire to run through. The handle is made of an injection molded plastic with an easy rubber grip.

One Handed Adjuster - 2:1 Purchase

One Handed Adjuster - 2:1 Purchase

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Greatly simplifies your trapeze system. Inside the handle is a Servo cam cleat opened by depressing one or both buttons on either end of the handle. To adjust the length of the trapeze, hold onto the Servo Grip and pull yourself an inch towards it, press one of the buttons at the side with your thumb to open the cleat (shortening the trapeze), pull yourself closer tothe grip until you have reached the desired position. Shock cord automatically tightens the line (extending the trapeze); pull in more rope using your hip and release the button so the cleat clamps the line again.

Trapeze Ring and Block sold separately.

Ronstan Trapeze Handles

Ronstan Trapeze Handles Using other accessories and these handles from Ronstan, complete trapeze systems can be assembled. These handles are made of Nylon and are available in the two colors (red and blue) shown.

RFPNP171BL Trap Handle Blue Nylon Price: $10.97 RFPNP171R Trap Handle Red Nylon Price: $10.03

Ronstan Trapeze Hoist Ring with Block

Ronstan Trapeze Hoist Ring with Block Extra wide ring constructed of stainless steel 3/16 inch stock with a Ronstan Series 19 ball-bearing microblock (3/4 inch sheave)incorporated into the ring. 5-1/2 inches long by 2-1/2 inches wide.

RF17 Trap Ring w/Block - Wide Price: $33.99

RWO Trapeze & Tug Handles

RWO Trapeze & Tug Handles RWO manufactures a number of trapeze and tug handles. Use these to set-up your trapeze system from the simplest to the most sophisticated. The R4113 is called a --Karate-- handle because if you karate chop them they will swivel so you can grab them. They have a soft rubber cap on the end. The R4110 is a closed trapeze handle with a comfortable grip and a flange for attaching cleats. The R4120 is your basic inexpensive but still very popular plain black handle. These handles are made of polished stainless steel and plastic. The R1899 tug handle is gray in color and has a 1/4 inch diameter through-hole.

R1899 Tug Handle Gray Color Price: $10.79 R4110 Closed Trapeze Handle Price: $43.33
R4120 Trapeze Handle Black Plastic Price: $14.88

RWO Trapeze Hoist Rings

RWO Trapeze Hoist Rings Polished stainless steel 3/16 inch stock. Part No. R4100 is a double height hoist ring (7-1/4 inches long). Part No. R4094 has an RWO Nova plain-bearing block attached to the hoist ring (overall 5-1/4 inches long).

R4094 Trap Hoist Ring w/Block Price: $44.34 R4100 Trapeze Ring Price: $25.14

SeaSure Trapeze Handles

SeaSure Trapeze Handles The SeaSure SS1937A handle is constructed with a polished stainless steel ring mounted to a plastic handle with a plain bearing hoist block sheave built into the handle. SSZ347 is a bare tug handle.

SS1937A Trap Handle w/Hoist Block Price: $44.79 SSZ347 Trapeze Handle Bare Price: $3.56

Selden Trapeze Handle

Selden Trapeze Handle Selden Trapeze Handle is made from a durable composite. Features finger grooves for a better grip.

SLD319758 Selden Trapeze Handle Price: $12.00

Selden Trapeze Ring

Selden Trapeze Ring

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Selden Trapeze Ring uses a plain bearing block pulley that accepts a 6mm line. Features a long and wide loop for an easy grab and hoist.

SLD538343 Selden Trapeze Ring Price: $26.00

Reekie Designs LazyHook

Reekie Designs LazyHook

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The Lazyhook is a self orientating trapeze ring allowing the sailor to hook on after wire to wire manoeuvres regardless of the orientation of the trapeze handle. This enables single handed sailors to perform consistent wire to wire manoeuvres. It also allows the crews of double handed dinghies to concentrate on trimming without having to hook their helms on after manoeuvres.

The Lazyhook concept was first devised from the Musto Skiff class where competitive gain could be sought using wire to wire tacking and gybing techniques. However the current popular bobble trapeze handle and 2:1 adjuster could leave the helm unable to hook on, as the trapeze ring would be orientated the wrong way. A modified version of a stock trapeze hook used by a fellow Musto Skiff sailor offered the sailor an initial self orientating trapeze hook system. The Lazyhook is developed from this principle however the integral tube and bearing system limit out of plane rotation to ease hooking and unhooking.

The Lazyhook has also shown to be of value in double handed trapeze classes where historically a misaligned hook would be clipped on by the crew. This allows the crew to focus on trimming, driving the boat forward out of manoeuvres.

The Lazyhook is constructed from 316 grade stainless steel as required in a marine environment. Its simple design and sturdy construction ensures product longevity in the most demanding of dinghy classes.

RDL101 LazyHook Price: $28.80

RWO Trapeze Doughnuts

RWO Trapeze Doughnuts Sold in Pairs. Two sizes available -- a 2-3/8 inch diameter and a 1-1/2 inch diameter size. Setup ready for wire, will also handle rope line if you remove the center grey insert. Red and Green colors.

R4304G Doughnut, Small - Green (pr) Price: $16.20 R4304R Doughnut, Small - Red (pr) Price: $16.20
R4306G Doughnut, Large - Green (pr) Price: $16.20 R4306R Doughnut, Large - Red (pr) Price: $16.20

SeaSure Trapeze Doughnut

SeaSure Trapeze Doughnut Very strong. These doughnut style handles tend to roll around rigging rather than getting caught. 1/4 inch center hole. Overall 2 inch diameter and 7/16 inch thick.

SS2097 Trapeze Doughnut Handle Price: $5.48

Harken Hand Hold

Harken Hand Hold Popular on boats like Solings and Scows to help hiking crews re-enter the boat. The face of the hold is 5-3/4inch by 3-1/2 inch. White color.

H062 Hand Hold (1) Price: $12.54

DaKine Adjustable Foot Strap

DaKine Adjustable Foot Strap

Neoprene padded, velcro-adjustable foot strap. Pre-formed arch eliminates collapsing. Used on skiffs, cats and by offshore drivers.

DK4300100 Da Kine Primo Foot Strap (1) Price: $22.00

Small T-Bail Terminal

Small T-Bail Terminal Very small and quite lite. Great for attaching high-tech trapeze lines. These terminals fit into standard 1/16" - 1/8" T-Ball backing plates on dinghies.

HA6180 T-Bail Terminal Eye - Fits 1/16 - 1/8 Plates Price: $33.77

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