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Stretch Cord - Solid Elastomer

Stretch Cord - Solid Elastomer

Construction: 100% Blended Elastomer

An interesting alternative to traditional shockcord. Constructed from a specially formulated material to stretch up to 100% of its initial length, stretch cord is abrasion resistant and UV stable. Because there are no natural fibers, stretch cord will not dry-rot or degrade in salt water. It has different stretch characteristics than shock cord, with a more consistent return force - especially between 50% and 100% stretch. It also exerts a stronger return force overall: over 20 lbs at 100% stretch (more than twice that of shock cord at the same diameter).

When comparing the two sizes, please note that the difference in sizing is minimal, and may be difficult to distinguish. The 7/32" diameter will be slightly lighter over its length, and comes in a smaller full spool length, while the 1/4" diameter will have a higher tensile strength.

Spliceable: No Full Spools: 300ft. (10% Discount for Full Spool Purchase)
Size Tensile Strength (lbs) Weight in Lbs/100ft.
Inches mm
7/32 5.5 n/a n/a
1/4 6 n/a n/a

Please Note: Stretch Cord is priced and sold by the foot.

PFSC732 Stretch Cord (Solid Elastomer): 7/32" (5.5mm) Price: $0.70 - $0.74 PFSC14 Stretch Cord (Solid Elastomer): 1/4" (6mm) Price: $0.74

Shock Cord - Novatec Braids

Shock Cord - Novatec Braids

Construction: Polyester Cover w/ a Rubber (Elastic) Core

The best shock cord we've found. It features a tough polyester cover that protects the elastic core from abrasion and sun exposure. In general, you'll want to keep the shock cord stretched between 30% and 80% of its length. (Below 30% stretch, return force is too low, and above 80%, you're approaching maximum stretch.) A good rule is to buy a length of shock cord twice as long as the "throw" in your system, then set it up so the shock cord is 30% stretched in its most-eased position. The largest sizes exert a return force of approximately 10 lbs. at 100% stretch.

Spliceable: No Full Spools: 500ft. (10% Discount for Full Spool Purchase)
Size Tensile Strength (lbs) Weight in Lbs/100ft.
Inches Millimeters
1/8 3 n/a n/a
3/16 5 n/a n/a
1/4 6 n/a n/a
5/16 8 n/a n/a
3/8* 9 n/a n/a
* Available in Black only

Please Note: Shock Cord is priced and sold by the foot.

MRSC18 Shock Cord: 1/8" (3mm) Price: $0.39 MRSC316 Shock Cord: 3/16" (5mm) Price: $0.46
MRSC14 Shock Cord: 1/4" (6mm) Price: $0.62 MRSC516 Shock Cord: 5/16" (8mm) Price: $0.88
MRSC38 Shock Cord: 3/8" (~10mm) Price: $1.76

Solcor - Solid Elastomer Cored Shock Cord

Solcor - Solid Elastomer Cored Shock Cord

Construction: Covered in a tough UV inhibited 1000 denier polyester. The solid rubber inner core is resistant to UV, salt water and salt air, petroleum products and most caustic chemicals including chlorine. Solcor's solid core has been stretch tested to 200% of its own length.

Traditional rubber stretch cord, commonly called shock cord or bungy, is well known and widely used throughout the industrial, domestic and recreational world. This stretch cord consists of many strands of latex rubber filaments, bound together under braided polypropylene or nylon fabric. When stretched, the braiding opens slightly and UV penetrates to the inner core perishing the fine rubber strands, eventually causing failure. Consequently, stretch cords when exposed to the elements need to be replaced regularly.

The marine environment is the harshest for stretch cord where is subjected to extremely high ultraviolet (UV) bombardment and exposure to the elements. The Solcor team, with thirty years boating experience behind them, was convinced that there must be a better product available. However, after searching the market place in vain they decided to develop a product of higher performance specifications themselves.

Problem One: The Core
Conventional stretch cord is manufactured from inexpensive and low specification multi-strand rubber. Given its formation and with its large surface area, each strand in a traditional stretch cord is particularly vulnerable to UV damage. Banded strands also provide a capillary path for corrosive seawater and harmful chemicals.

Solcor developed a solid EPDM core rubber formulated by mixing a range of polymers to produce a high quality product, that is UV stabilised and more tolerant to harsh environmental conditions.

Problem two: The cover
Traditional materials did not adequately protect the rubber interior allowing damage through UV penetration and contact with other destructive elements.

Solcor sourced a tightly braided 1000 denier polyester fabric pre-treated with a UV inhibitor to provide two barriers of protection.

Together the polyester cover and rubber core are impervious to UV, salt water/air, petroleum products and most caustic chemicals.

The Result: Solcor Industrial Strength Stretch Cord.

Solcor has a reputation for durability, reliability and innovation making it the choice of quality. This was confirmed years ago in the harshest and most demanding of tests during the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race where Solcor products were used and passed with flying colours. Today it lives up to those same standards on race boats throughout the world.

Note: We've found the 3/16" to run a little small (a true 4mm).

Spliceable: No Full Spools: 328ft. (10% Discount for Full Spool Purchase)
Size Tensile Strength (lbs) Weight in Lbs/100ft.
Inches mm
~3/16 4 n/a n/a
1/4 6 n/a n/a
5/16 8 n/a n/a

Please Note: Solcor is priced and sold by the foot.

SOL316BK Covered Shock Cord: 3/16" (4mm) Price: $1.23 SOL14BK Covered Shock Cord: 1/4" (6mm) Price: $1.40
SOL516BK Covered Shock Cord: 5/16" (8mm) Price: $1.57

Shock Cord Hog Rings and Pliers

Shock Cord Hog Rings and Pliers

View larger

Stainless steel rings are used on shock cord for permanent installation. Hardened steel shock cord pliers install hog rings completely without burring and are reverse spring loaded - The jaws are open to alow you to position the hog ring with one hand and crimp them closed with the other.

Chose the proper size pliers for your rings. The black handled pliers are for 1/8 - 3/16 inch rings. The red handled are for 1/4 -1/2 inch rings.

Note: The quarter that has been used to indicate scale is for the hog rings only. The pliers are larger than the scale would indicate.

REP101 100 Hog Rings for 1/8" Shock Cord Price: $14.75 REP102 100 Hog Rings for 3/16" Shock Cord Price: $14.75
REP103 100 Hog Rings for 1/4" Shock Cord Price: $14.75 REP104 100 Hog Rings for 5/16" Shock Cord Price: $14.75
REP001 Hog Ring Pliers for 1/4" - 1/2" (Red Handles) Price: $25.80 REP002 Hog Ring Pliers for 1/8" & 3/16" (Black Handles) Price: $25.80

Shock and Stretch Cord Fasteners

Shock and Stretch Cord Fasteners

An easy, secure way to avoid tying knots in shock or stretch cord. All three types attach by inserting the cord and snapping on the collar. Easily to install or take apart. Fits 1/4" or 5/16" cord.

INSTALATION NOTE: When inserting your shock/stretch cord into the Hook or Dead End, give the cord a half turn while pushing down to ensure that it is fully inside of the product. If the cord does not go all the way in, it may pull out of the Hook or Dead End when put under a load.

PFRSB4 Dead End for 1/4" Shock Cord Price: $0.82 PFTHB4 Hook for 1/4" & 7/32" Shock Cord Price: $0.82
PFTC4 Loop Connector for 1/4" Shock Cord Price: $1.02 PFTC5 Loop Connector for 5/16" Shock Cord Price: $1.40
PFTHB5 Hook for 5/16" Shock Cord Price: $1.40

Shock Cord Spring Hooks

Shock Cord Spring Hooks Black nylon spring hooks. Insert shock cord and tie a stop knot to secure the hook. Use for Solcor, shock or stretch cord.

R8405 Closed/Spring Shock Cord Clip: 6mm (1/4") Price: $4.07 R8404 Closed/Spring Shock Cord Clip: 4mm (5/32") Price: $4.24
R8406 Closed/Spring Shock Cord Clip: 8mm (5/16") Price: $4.86 R8407 Closed/Spring Shock Cord Clip: 9mm (3/8") Price: $5.65

Shock Cord Open Hooks

Shock Cord Open Hooks

White nylon open hooks. Insert shock cord and tie a stopper knot to secure the hook, or loop shock or stretch cord through opening and use hog ring to secure.

R8400 Open Shock Cord Clip: 4mm (5/32") Price: $3.60 R8401 Open Shock Cord Clip: 6mm (1/4") Price: $4.24

Halyard & Sheet Holders

Halyard & Sheet Holders

Quick organisers for sheet and halyard tails - anywhere a line has to be coiled. Ideal for the cockpit or sail locker compartments. Requires approximately two feet of 3/16" or 1/4" shock cord.

Comes as a pair.

RF6010C Halyard & Sheet Holders (2) Price: $6.76

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