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Marlow Mini Spool

Marlow Mini Spool

Mini Spools now contain Marlows low stretch Excel Pro (100% polyester). Keep them in your tool bag. Great for lacing life lines, utility jobs or Opti sail ties. Available in lime, blue, pink, or purple. 

Size (inches) Size (mm) Tensile Strength Length
1/12 2 200 98 feet
1/8 3 400 55 feet

MRMS112 Excel Pro Mini Spool: 2mm (~1/12") Price: $14.52 MRMS18 Excel Pro Mini Spool: 3mm (~1/8") Price: $14.52

New England Finish Line Mini Spools

New England Finish Line Mini Spools Construction: Polyester Cover & Core

The strongest pre-stretch line on the market! Finish Line is made from high-tenacity tension-set polyester with an 8-strand 'nubby' cover and continuous filament core. It is excellent for dinghy control line:
- strong, durable cover, yet still nice on the hand
- flexible
- easy to knot

Size (inches) Size (mm) Tensile Strength Length
1/8 3 ~460 lbs. 75 Feet
5/32 4 900 lbs. 50 feet

NEFILS3 Finish Line Spoolete: 3mm (~1/8") Price: $19.28 NEFILS4 Finish Line Spoolete: 4mm (~5/32") Price: $19.28

New England Spyderline Mini Spool

New England Spyderline Mini Spool Construction: Polyester Cover w/ a Dyneema Core

Spider-web strength is now available in a lightweight control line! Thanks to its Dyneema SK75/Spectra 1000 core and smooth, twill pattern polyester cover, Spyder Line is just right when a small diameter rope is needed for higher load applications. The 1.8mm line is perfect for sail ties for the performance Opti sailor.

Spyder Line is flexible, yet firm enough to be fed through small leads, micro blocks, and purchase systems. Can be spliced in sizes above 1.8mm if the cover is stripped.

Size (inches) Size (mm) Tensile Strength Length
~3/32 1.8 350 lbs. 100 Feet
~1/8 2.8 1,200 lbs. 75 feet
~5/32 3.8 1,900 lbs. 50 feet

NESPLS18 Spyderline Spoolet: 1.8mm (~1/16") Price: $24.40 NESPLS28 Spyderline Spoolet: 2.8mm (~7/64") Price: $24.40
NESPLS38 Spyderline Spoolete: 3.8mm (~5/32") Price: $24.40

HPS Twine - Samson

HPS Twine - Samson

HPS Twine (aka "Lash-It") is made from 100% Dyneema® fiber. This twine yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch and longest wear life available. A proprietary urethane coating Samthane adds to the twine’s wear life, ensures the knot-holding capability of the twine, and gives the twine its distinctive gray color for Lash-It. Sold as a 600' spool in a convenient package.

Part # Diameter Tensile Strength
in mm lb kg
SMHPS175 1/16 1.75 400 180
SMHPS22 3/32 2.2 580 260

SMHPS175 Lash-It Dyneema Twine: 1.75mm, 600ft Spool Price: $137.81 SMHPS175180 Lash-It Dyneema Twine: 1.75mm, 180ft Spool Price: $41.34
SMHPS22 Lash-It Dyneema Twine: 2.2mm 600ft Spool Price: $158.36 SMHPS22180 Lash-It Dyneema Twine: 2.2mm, 180ft Spool Price: $47.51

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