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Dyneema Whipping Twine by FSE Robline

Dyneema Whipping Twine by FSE Robline Robline's Dyneema Whipping Twine is made of naturally slick and incredibly strong dyneema braided strands. It is 1/32" (1mm) thick and should fit most sailmakers needles. This whipping twine has a breaking strength of about 200 lbs.

Panther Portable Rope Cutter

Panther Portable Rope Cutter This hot knife is makes clean cuts in all types of synthetic ropes, lines, and strapping. Operates on 120V AC power via convenient 4’ cord. Weighing in at 1.5 lbs and measuring 6”x6”x2” - this portable knife will prove handy.

MT757061 Replacement Blade for Rope Cutter Price: $19.95 MT757060 Panther Rope Cutter w/ Blade Price: $65.99

Assorted Rigging Needles by Bainbridge

Assorted Rigging Needles by Bainbridge An assortment of five straight and two curved needles for use with a variety of materials.

BBC007 Package of Assorted Needles (7) Price: $3.14

Sailmakers Palms by Bainbridge

Sailmakers Palms by Bainbridge Indispensible for sewing through sailcloth or thick lines. The professional palm is made of heavier materials than the economy version. Lightweight. Specify right or left hand.

BBC024 Economy Palm - Right Hand Price: $14.64 BBC025 Economy Palm - Left Hand Price: $14.64
BBC036 Palm - Pro - Right Hand Price: $45.46 BBC037 Palm - Pro - Left Hand Price: $49.82

Splicing Spike by Wichard

Splicing Spike by Wichard This Wichard stainless steel spike is easy to grip and makes pulling cores out of line a breeze. Our riggers love this tool.

WC10304 Shackler Spike Tool Price: $29.84

Splicing Fids

Splicing Fids Tubular fids make burying line much easier. Thin stainless walled with an internal line snare. No pusher needed.

SEL003 3/16, 4mm Selma Fid Price: $9.38 SEL004 1/4, 5.5mm Selma Fid Price: $10.48
SEL005 5/16, 7.5mm Selma Fid Price: $11.58 SEL006 3/8 - 7/16, 10mm Selma Fid Price: $19.38
SEL007 1/2 - 9/16, 13mm Selma Fid Price: $26.68 SEL002 Selma Fids - Set of 5 Price: $66.30

Swedish Fid

Swedish Fid Splicing Fids Traditional style. Stainless beak with molded, plastic handle.

BBC540 Small Stainless Fid Price: $7.94 BBC541 Large Stainlesss Fid Price: $10.66

Samson Splicing Manual

Samson Splicing Manual

This manual includes a complete set of splicing and repair instructions for most of the ropes Samson carries and most 3-strand, 6-strand, 8-strand, 12-strand, 16-strand, Round Plait rope and Double Braid rope.

Descriptive instructions and detailed illustrations provide the end user with clear steps for easily splicing your rope while in the field.

158 pages.

SM996006 Book: Splicing Manual Price: $22.20

Splicing Needles

Splicing Needles Our rigging department use these constantly. The larger needle is 21-1/2" long and for use on lines from 3/8" and above. The smaller needle is 12" long and can be used on lines to 3/8" and is ideal for the final tapering of the cover into the larger lines. Stainless steel construction.

MRFAB000 Splicing Needle - Small Price: $18.50 MRFAB001 Splicing Needle- Large Price: $22.50

Splicing Fids and Pushers

Splicing Fids and Pushers Traditional splicing tools. Match the size of the line that you are splicing with the fid.

SM901120 3/8 Aluminum Fid Price: $7.04 SM913000 Small Pusher Price: $7.72
SM999007 Splicing Kit Complete Price: $52.70



Shackle guards for spinnaker lines are often called doughnuts.  While these doughnuts have many uses, they are primarily used to protect shackles installed on your spinnaker lines preventing the shackle from jamming into pole end fittings. They can also be used as sail protectors on rails and lifelines, on crosstree spreaders or as trapeze handles.

Available in several sizes in Red, Green or White.

APS Part No. Color Manufacturer Outside Diameter Inside Diameter
RFPNP197_ (Small) Red & Green Ronstan 1-9/16" 3/8"
RFPNP198_ (Medium) Red & Green Ronstan 2-3/8" 7/16"
RFPNP199_ (Large) Red & Green Ronstan 2-3/4" 5/8"
SC4550_ Red & Green Schaefer 3' 1/2"
FP30000_ White, Red, Green Forespar 2-1/4" 3/8"
R4304_ (Small) Red & Green RWO 1-9/16" 1/4
R4306_ (Large) Red & Green RWO 3-3/8" 7/16"

SC4550G Shackle Guard, Green Price: $6.64 SC4550R Shackle Guard, Red Price: $6.64
FP300006 Shackle Guard, 2-1/4" OD x 3/8" ID - WHITE Price: $7.56 FP300007 Shackle Guard 2-1/4" OD x 1/2" ID - WHITE Price: $7.96
FP300008 Shackle Guard 3" OD x 1/2" ID - WHITE Price: $7.96 FP300009 Shackle Guard 3" OD x 5/8" ID - WHITE Price: $8.36
FP300010 Shackle Guard 3" OD x 3/4" ID - WHITE Price: $8.76 FP300085 Shackle Guard 2-1/4" OD x 3/8" ID - RED Price: $9.16
FP300086 Shackle Guard 2-1/4" x 1/2" ID - RED Price: $9.16 FP300090 Shackle Guard 2-1/4" OD x 3/8" ID - GREEN Price: $9.16
FP300091 Shackle Guard 2-1/4" x 1/2" ID - GREEN Price: $9.16 FP300092 Shackle Guard 3" OD x 1/2" ID - GREEN Price: $9.56
FP300087 Shackle Guard 3" OD x 1/2" ID - RED Price: $9.56 FP300088 Shackle Guard 3" OD x 5/8" ID - RED Price: $9.96
FP300089 Shackle Guard 3" OD x 3/4" ID - RED Price: $9.96 FP300093 Shackle Guard 3" OD x 5/8" ID - GREEN Price: $9.96
FP300094 Shackle Guard 3" OD x 3/4" ID - GREEN Price: $9.96 RFPNP197R Shackle Guard, Small - Red Price: $10.16
RFPNP198GRN Shackle Guard, Medium - Green Price: $12.84 RFPNP198R Shackle Guard, Medium - Red Price: $12.84
RFPNP199R Shackle Guard, Large - Red Price: $14.71 R4304G Doughnut, Small - Green (pr) Price: $16.20
R4304R Doughnut, Small - Red (pr) Price: $16.20 R4306G Doughnut, Large - Green (pr) Price: $16.20
R4306R Doughnut, Large - Red (pr) Price: $16.20

Double Hole Doghnuts

Double Hole Doghnuts Splice these right into the ye so they won't slip and don't need to be seized. Tough and Secure. Available in two sizes, ANN001 fits line sizes 3/16" - 5/16" and ANN002 fits 1/4" to 3/8".

ANN001 Eye Doughnut - Small Price: $8.00 ANN002 Eye Doughnut - Large Price: $9.00

Colored Stopper Balls

Colored Stopper Balls

Install these bright, colored plastic balls at the ends of control lines for an improved grip, or on halyards and other lines to protect the shackles. Also great for preventing lines from going too far into a mast sheave. These balls can be drilled out for larger line diameters. The bright colors aid in identifying lines and are available in black, white, red, green, blue, orange, pink, and yellow colors. Three sizes of balls to choose from.

Part Number Description Ball Diameter  Hole Size 
in mm in mm
R1901 - R1908 Small 3/4 19 5/32 4
R1991 - R1998 Medium 1-3/16 30 1/4 6
R1911 - R1918 Large 1-3/8 35 5/16 8

R1901 Sm Stopper Ball Black 5/32" ID Price: $1.73 R1902 Sm Stopper Ball White 5/32" ID Price: $1.73
R1903 Sm Stopper Ball Red 5/32" ID Price: $1.73 R1904 Sm Stopper Ball Green 5/32" ID Price: $1.73
R1905 Sm Stopper Ball Blue 5/32" ID Price: $1.73 R1906 Sm Stopper Ball Orange 5/32" ID Price: $1.73
R1907 Sm Stopper Ball Pink 5/32" ID Price: $1.73 R1908 Sm Stopper Ball Yellow 5/32" ID Price: $1.73
R1991 Med Stopper Ball Black 1/4" ID Price: $1.73 R1992 Med Stopper Ball White 1/4" ID Price: $1.73
R1993 Med Stopper Ball Red 1/4" ID Price: $1.73 R1994 Med Stopper Ball Green 1/4" ID Price: $1.73
R1995 Med Stopper Ball Blue 1/4" ID Price: $1.73 R1996 Med Stopper Ball Orange 1/4" ID Price: $1.73
R1997 Med Stopper Ball Pink 1/4" ID Price: $1.73 R1998 Med Stopper Ball Yellow 1/4" ID Price: $1.73
R1911 Lg Stopper Ball Black 5/16" ID Price: $2.58 R1912 Lg Stopper Ball White 5/16" ID Price: $2.58
R1913 Lg Stopper Ball Red 5/16" ID Price: $2.58 R1914 Lg Stopper Ball Green 5/16" ID Price: $2.58
R1915 Lg Stopper Ball Blue 5/16" ID Price: $2.58 R1916 Lg Stopper Ball Orange 5/16" ID Price: $2.58
R1917 Lg Stopper Ball Pink 5/16" ID Price: $2.58 R1918 Lg Stopper Ball Yellow 5/16" ID Price: $2.58

Big Boat Stopper Balls

Big Boat Stopper Balls These 1-3/4" wide balls have a 3/8" hole that can be drilled out to 7/8". Black, white, yellow, blue, red or green.

SS2546BK Stopper Ball 1-3/4 Black 3/8" ID Price: $3.08 SS2546BLU Stopper Ball 1 3/4 Blue 3/8" ID Price: $3.08
SS2546GRN Stopper Ball 1 3/4 Green 3/8" ID Price: $3.08 SS2546RD Stopper Ball 1 3/4 Red 3/8" ID Price: $3.08
SS2546WHT Stopper Ball 1 3/4 White 3/8" ID Price: $3.08 SS2546YEL Stopper Ball 1 3/4 Yellow 3/8" ID Price: $3.08

Shrink Whip

Shrink Whip Line whipping does away with messy vinyl dips, twine and tape whipping. Position on line and heat all around with flame or heat gun. Five colors and three sizes. Sold 12 per package. Please specify your color choice: red, blue, yellow, white or black.

ASCSW2 Shrink Whip 3/8 - 7/16 Price: $5.40 ASCSW3 Shrink Whip 1/2 - 5/8 Price: $6.12

Whipping Twine

Whipping Twine

Waxed polyester twine on spools, perfect for whipping ends and seizing splices. Size 4 twine covers most applications. Use size 2 for smaller line, and size 8 in heavy-duty applications.

Part Number Size Size Color
MRWT2W #2 2-Thin White
MRWT4W #4 4-Standard White
MRWT4R #4 4-Standard Red
MRWT4B #4 4-Standard Blue
MRWT4G #4 4-Standard Green
MRWT8W #8 8-Thick White
MRWT16W #16 16-Very Thick White
APS Video
Check out our video for a more in depth look at one of the many ways whipping twine can be used.
Video Review click here

MRWT8W Whipping Twine #8 White, 76' Price: $7.05 MRWT16W Whipping Twine #16 White, 40' Price: $7.05
MRWT2W Whipping Twine #2 White, 302' Price: $7.05 MRWT4B Whipping Twine #4 Blue, 134' Price: $8.19
MRWT4BK Whipping Twine #4 Black, 134' Price: $8.19 MRWT4G Whipping Twine #4 Green, 134' Price: $8.19
MRWT4GD Whipping Twine #4 Gold, 134' Price: $8.19 MRWT4R Whipping Twine #4 Red, 134' Price: $8.19
MRWT4W Whipping Twine #4 White, 134' Price: $8.19

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