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Carbo Foil by Harken

Carbo Foil by Harken

According to the following rules interpretation issued by the class office on March 28th, 2007 Carbo Foils are now permissible...

44. Is it permissible to replace the original headsail luff groove device with a Harken Carbo Foil? Yes. As per class rules 3.4, 27.1, the management group may permit the change. The headsail foil may be replaced with Harken Carbo Foil, part number 7000.12, provided the extrusion is cut to exactly eleven meters.

The Carbo Racing Foil material is very low friction, making hoists, douses and sail changes faster. Its high strength provides dramatic improvement in resistance to line wear, especially when jibing asymmetrical spinnaker sheets. Impact resistance is increased - less damage from spinnaker poles, especially in cold weather. Heat has little effect on stiffness. The black color provides superior UV protection and is easy to see against a light sky, making the jib trimmer's job easier.

Because the Carbo foil uncoils and straightens, installation is simple. Snapping the foil onto the stay is easy and can be done with the mast up.

The prefeeder rollers are Hardkote-anodized and Teflon impregnated aluminum and spin freely on low-friction bushings.

Part # Description Max Wire Dia. Max Rod Extrusion Length Max Headstay Length Spacer Tube Length Extrusion Weight Luff Tape Size Full System Weight
in mm dash mm ft/in m ft/in m ft/in m lb/ft kg/m lb kg
H700012 Unit 0 Kit 1/4 6 -10 6.35 39'4" 12 43'4" 13.2 3'3" 1 .102 .152 #5 4.01 1.82

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of this product, our carriers classify it as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

H700012 Carbo Racing Foil Unit 0 Kit, 12m Price: $623.81 H7006 Prefeeder Price: $57.40

Tuff Luff by Schaefer Marine

Tuff Luff by Schaefer Marine Is your Tuff Luff cracked, bent or just worn out? Don't put up with hard to hoist/douse sails or chance a luff pull-out. Don't replace the whole system. We'll sell you the extrusion only. Reuse your prefeeder, spacer tube and end-feeder.

SC120536 Tuff Luff - Complete Kit, #5: 36' Price: $576.80 SC120536EXT Tuff Luff - Extrusion Only, #5: 36' Price: $361.60

Tuff Luff Parts

Tuff Luff Parts Tuff Luff feeders are precision engineered and made of high quality stainless steel. The feeder guides the sail luff into the extrusion for a flawless hoist every time. Tuff Luff pre-feeders have oversized bronze rollers that smooth out the sail on its way to the feeder. assuring a perfect set and eliminating the need for crew to hand feed the sail.

SC120503 Spacer Tube, 44 Price: $33.20 SC120513 Top Cap - Stainless Steel Price: $28.40
SCTL120501 Genoa Pre-Feeder Price: $68.80 SCTL120502 Feeder: Stainless Price: $144.00

Pro Feeder Opening Prefeeder by Holt Allen

Pro Feeder Opening Prefeeder by Holt Allen

Made from 316 Stainless, this opening prefeeder has a pull piston catch positive latch and easy release and rolling balls to reduce frition and aid smooth hoists. The hinge is offset from the center line so that the bowman can lash it to or around the forestay. Handles 4mm to 7mm luff tape.

HAHT9900 Pro Feeder Opening Prefeeder Price: $105.33

Opening Luff Tape Prefeeder by Wichard

Opening Luff Tape Prefeeder by Wichard

Have you ever had the luff tape come out of the prefeeder when hoisting the headsail in heavy conditions? The Wichard Prefeeder has been designed to quickly and simply address this, it can be easily opened with one hand and reconnected to the headsail luff tape without the need to drop the sail or laboriously feeding the sail by hand. Made with Wichard's innovative design and manufacturing techniques this is a must have item on any serious offshore racing yacht.

Before re-hoisting the bowman doesn’t need to remove the headsail from the luff grove, he just has to open the prefeeder and close it around the luff tape. No need to remove the headsail anymore! To open simply push the spring with your thumb, the jaws will open automatically. To close, squeeze the jaws together between thumb and fingers, until the spring re engages. The prefeeder can be easily installed below any headsail foil or headsail reefing configuration. In the closed position, it ensures a smooth and easy sail.

Suitable for luff tapes up to 0.38" (~3/8" or 9.6mm).

WC7485 Opening Luff Tape Pre-Feeder Price: $92.57

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