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Melges 24 Padded Life Line Straps

Melges 24 Padded Life Line Straps Hiking Lifelines by Hutchinson Sports. Keep your crew comfortable so they’ll hike harder.

The main horizontals are stiffly padded straps are made of an abrasion resistant, UV-inhibited cover with a closed cell foam core, 7000-lb strapping, and soft webbing loop ends (the original straps had a stainless steel triangle end). The diagonal straps are 2” webbing with metal triangles and covers over them on the ends. Don’t forget that class rules require the aft life line be continuous. So, you can’t terminate with eye splices to the diagonal strap.

We offer two life line kits. Both include 1/8” lacing line to tension the system at the stern pulpit. Also, 3/8” shock cord that attaches to the stern pulpit to hold the system taught when no one is hiking (aft eye – you will need 3/8” hog rings for this). We hog ring 3/16” shock cord to each of the webbing tabs on the underside of the padded main straps. These are tied off to your stanchion bases which keeps the flat part of the pads vertical. This allows you to always come in contact with the flat side of the pad when hitting the rail after a tack. 5’ of 3/16” shock cord is included for you to tie from one life line across the bow to the other to prevent the tack of the spinnaker from getting hung up (4” up from the forward eye is where you will attach this to the life line).”

The M24500 life line kit includes the HTS203 straps, all line, shock cord, lacing line and life lines pre spliced. Just pop out the sailmaker thimble in order to thread the aft end of the live line through the aft stanchion and down through the deck eye/block. Reinsert the thimble once led back to the aft stanchion and lace with the 1/8” line to the stanchion. Includes both port and starboard life lines.

The M24503 life line kit includes the HTS203 and HTS510 straps. The forward strap is connected using a spectra tail with an eye splice for easy attachment. The stern strap is connected to the other strap using a spectra loop, designed to go through the stanchion. On the other side is a spectra tail with an eye for easy attachment in the stern pulpit. Includes both port and starboard life lines.

Also, check out the Hutchinson Sports Leg Savers that are designed specifically to work with these straps.

HTS203 Melges 24 w/Webbing Loop Ends Padded Lifeline Straps (2) Price: $350.00 HTS510 Melges 24/32 Padded Lifeline: Dual Purpose (2) Price: $125.00
M24500 Melges 24 Spectra Lifeline Kit with Pads - No Diagonals Price: $509.78 M24503 Melges 24 Life Line Kit with Pads and Padded Diagonal Straps Price: $672.76

Melges 24 Triangle Cover Pads

Melges 24 Triangle Cover Pads These cover pads slide over the stainless triangle on the end of the original Melges 24 padded straps (the ones that had the 4" wide exposed/unpadded triangle end). Additionally, there is a pad for the Melges 24 unpadded diagonal strap with 2-1/2" wide triangle ends.

They insure the crew hiking near the ends of the straps have a fully padded strap and do not end up pressing against a hard, uncomfortable triangle. Closed cell foam padding on both sides. Slides on like a sleeve.

HTS520 Melges 24/32 Triangle Pad (1) Price: $10.00 HTS521 Melges 24 Triangle Pad for 2-1/2" Wide Triangle End (1) Price: $10.00

Melges 24 Aft Lifeline Gate

Melges 24 Aft Lifeline Gate Our Melges 24 Aft Lifeline Gate is constructed of 3/16" diameter Amsteel Blue - the gate features a luggage tag on one end for easy instalation with an eye and RWO Carbine Hook for quick disconnection at the dock.

Give us a call at 800/729.9767 if you would like us to make this life line with different lengths or with other line types.

M24502 Melges 24 Aft Lifeline Gate Price: $50.68 - $53.34

Life Line Belt by Skelley

Life Line Belt by Skelley

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Life Line Belt
One Size, Unisex

Features rigid crescent-shaped segments sewn into an articulated durable padded belt. The belt cups the lifeline spreading out the load on your abdomen, allowing you to hike more aggressively. Adjustable waist belt with snap buckle. Adjustable neoprene padded led straps.

Outfit your whole crew: order three or more for a 10% discount. Discount will be applied before we charge your card, but will not be reflected in your web checkout process.

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