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Arriba Fiberglass Hiking Sticks

Arriba Fiberglass Hiking Sticks

The strongest, simplest, most popular sticks on the market. Features crosshatch textured grip with molded rubber ends. The locking mechanism has no moving parts. Integral cams lock one way and release the other. Includes yoke/universal assembly. Class legal for Hobie racing. Black.

FX-03 For H-16 and 18, Turbo 14, Prindle, Nacra and 8' wide boats where the skipper's trapezing. 52" - 96" MM44FX03
FX-04 for all 8-1/2' to 10' wide boats where the skipper's trapezing. 57" - 105" MM44FX04
FX-06 For H-17/18 with wings or other 12' wide cats. 62" - 120" MM44FX06
Replacement Yoke/Universal MM010062

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of Hiking Sticks over 60" (after prepared for shipping), our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

Offset Base Pad Kit (checked 5/6)

Offset Base Pad Kit (checked 5/6) Offset base fits Hobie and Prindle elliptical crossbars. Includes base and fasteners.

Roller Fairlead

Roller Fairlead Retrofit bull's eye fairleads with low friction roller fairleads. Fasteners included.

Prindle Traveler

Prindle Traveler Standard equipment on new Prindle cats. Four stainless rollers with ball bearings ride smoothly on Prindle traveler track.

Tiller Connection Kit

Tiller Connection Kit Assures consistent rudder alignment through the full rudder sweep. Spring loaded half balls and contoured spacers take the slop out of the tiller-to-crossbar connection. Racing class legal.

Hobie 14/16/17 Traker Traveler Kit (checked 5/6)

Hobie 14/16/17 Traker Traveler Kit (checked 5/6) Includes tracker car, swivel cam, mounting plate, line and fasteners. Standard on H-14s, 16s and 17s.

Rudder Gudgeons

Rudder Gudgeons Latest, strongest design with welded sleeve bushings - reduces early rudder pin failure.
MM253351 Upper H-14/16
MM253352 Lower H-14/16, Use these as both upper and lower on all other cats.

Mast Step Bearings

Mast Step Bearings Contoured Delrin bearings outlast Teflon bearings. Teflon bearing forms to mast base with first use. Standard bearings are .06" thick.
MM071130 H-14/16 Delrin
MM012041 H-14/16 Teflon (3)
MM014045 H-18 Bearing kit
MM5050212301 H-17/Wave mast ball
MM5030110001 H20/21 Mast Ball
MM562007 Prindle half ball
MM562504 Nacra 1 1/2" post '83

Hobie Mast Step Hinge

Hobie Mast Step Hinge The mast step hinge aids in raising and lowering the mast and is standard equipment on most Hobies and an upgrade on older boats.

Rudder Pins

Rudder Pins H-14/16 3/8" x 8" - pair
MM012271 Nylatron
MM012272 Aluminum
MM012269 Stainless
H-17/18 3/8" x 9-1/4" - pair
MM014271 Nylatron
MM014274 Aluminum
MM014273 Stainless
H-21, Prindle & Nacra - 3/8 x 10 1/4" - pair
MM015272 Aluminum
MM015273 Stainless

Rudder Cam Kits

Rudder Cam Kits Includes two cams, two reusable, internally threaded cam pins and instructions.
MM012050 H14/16
MM013550 H17/18/20/21/Wave

Replacement Rigging

Replacement Rigging Don't take risks with old rigging spoiling your sailing. Any wire displaying broken strands, kinking or severe discoloration, especially around swagings should be replaced immediately. Call us for prices for Hobies, Prindles and Nacras. We can get you new shrouds, forestays, bridles, trapeze wires, etc. Call us for information: 800-729-9767.


Sails If you aren't racing one-designs, we recommend "after market" sails for their long life and lower cost. If you're racing we can supply class legal factory sails. Call us for selection and pricing. Most sails require an additional shipping charge and generally take 7-10 days shipping time. Battens not included. Call us for more information: 800-729-9767.

Righting Bag

Righting Bag A must for solo or lightweight crews to feel confident about being able to right a capsized catamaran. Powerful enough to right bigger cats without loosening shrouds. Requires no boat modification. Attaches with Velcro straps under the tramp. Class legal for racing. Theoretical maximum capacity is 250 lbs. 18" x 32"

Righting Block and Tackle System

Righting Block and Tackle System Kit includes blocks, cleat and line ready for use with righting bags. V-jam cleat built into block. Includes 1/4" lines.

Black Mesh Trampolines

Black Mesh Trampolines Heavy duty, black, polypropylene mesh material is used by most U.S. cat builders because of its durability. Not only is it nearly impervious to environmental degradation, but it won't let water pool. Black mesh tramps for Hobies are a 3-piece design with an extra wide aft lacing strip. Mesh tramps for most other cats are 1-piece. At this printing, these are not class legal for Hobie racing - call for current information. Lacing kit not included.

Lacing Kits

Lacing Kits Hobie 14/16/18 Lacing Kit
Kit contains three lengths of 1/4" 8-strand black, low-stretch line (one piece 19', two pieces 14') and lacing instructions.
Prindle Lacing Kits
The line in these kits is black, abrasion-resistant, 8-strand low stretch. P-15/16/18/Escape kit includes two 5/32" x 11' lengths and two 1/4" x 10'6". P-18.2/19 kit has two 19' lengths of 1/4" line. Each kit also contains lacing instructions to make the job easy!

Rudders - Race Legal

Rudders - Race Legal Hobie factory rudders - race legal H14/16/17/18/Wave
Nacra and Prindle factory rudders - race legal.
Call for more rudders and daggerboards.

Catamaran Racing for the 90's

Catamaran Racing for the 90's 352 pp. With nearly 50 diagrams, the founders of Rick White's Sailing Seminars teach new, cutting-edge techniques. Covers down-wind sailing, roll-tacks and all other points of cat racing.

The Catamaran Tuning Guide.

The Catamaran Tuning Guide. by Michael Fragale, edited by Rick White and Mary Wells. 128 pp. This book starts at the basics and works its way to high-tech - a good choice for novice to hotdog.

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