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Etchells Mast and Boom

Selden (Proctor) North-Curtis Etchells 22 Replacement Mast
These ship direct from Selden, Charleston, South Carolina to you via common carrier freight. Masts come with all hardware installed including spreaders. No running rigging is included, but messenger lines are run for easy halyard installation. No standing rigging is included. The mast is left “long” and you may cut it down slightly if you prefer once delivered. Masts are generally in stock and ship within a day or two. Getting a new mast is surprisingly easy.

Selden (Proctor) Etchells 22 Replacement Boom
These ship direct from Selden, Charleston, South Carolina to you via common carrier freight. Booms come with all hardware installed including the outhaul. Mainsheet block eyes are installed, but the blocks are not included. Booms are generally in stock and ship within a day or two.

SLDB0810515 E22 North-Curtis Rigged Boom Price: $1,365.00 SLDD14C1240515 E22 North-Curtis Rigged Mast Price: $4,707.00

Etchells Mast Parts by Selden (Proctor)

Etchells Mast Parts by Selden (Proctor)

Part Number Description Notes
SLD504323 Masthead Main Halyard Sheave Does not include the clevis pin
SLD508481 Titanium Internal Masthead Halyard Lock You can replace a worn one yourself, but it's tricky!
SLD166099 Stainless Steel Mounting Rod for the Halyard Lock
SLD21901101 Cover Plate for Accessing and Retaining the Rod/Sheave-Axles Includes two mounting screws:  Can be used for the halyard lock, upper jib halyard, upper spinnaker halyards (1), lower double exit sheaves
SLD504368 Upper Jib Halyard Sheave (Composite Sheave with Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Race) Axle not included
SLD504364 Upper Spinnaker Sheave Mounted at the same height, one behind the other
SLD50507902 Topping Lift Sheave Box Includes mounting pop rivets
SLD50553501 Stainless Steel Sail Feeder Assembly Includes mounting pop rivets
SLD504368 Sheaves: For Double Exit Just Under the Deck Doesn't include axle rod, sold individually
SLDF080620 Sheaves:  For Double Exit Closest to the Mast Step Doesn't include axle rod, sold individually
SLD033645H01 Heel Plug Includes fittings
SLD50830401 Gooseneck Assembly, Complete Includes mounting pop rivets

SLD033645H01 E22 Heel Plug with Fsteners Price: $170.00 SLD165203 E22 Halyard Sheave Pin Price: $5.00
SLD166099 E22 Mounting Rod Only for Main Halyard Lock Price: $20.00 SLD21901101 Cover Plate w/screws for Sheave Rods in Keelboat Masts Price: $5.00
SLD504323 E22 Masthead Main Halyard Sheave (1) Price: $11.00 SLD504364 E22 Spinnaker Sheave (1) Price: $9.00
SLD504368 E22 Jib Halyard Sheave (1) Price: $72.00 SLD504369 E22 Upper (underdeck) Halyard Exit Sheave (1) Price: $12.00
SLD50507902 E22 Topping Lift Sheave Box Price: $35.00 SLD50553501 E22 Sail Feeder Assy., Single Side Mount Price: $38.00
SLD50830401 E22 Gooseneck Assy Complete Price: $185.00 SLD508481 Main Halyard Lock - Titanium (1.2 oz) Price: $231.00
SLDF080620 E22 Lower (underdeck) Halyard Exit Sheave (1) Price: $14.00

Etchells Boom Parts by Selden (Proctor)

We stock replacement parts for the North-Curtis booms made by Selden (Proctor) and commonly used on Ontario yachts E22's. We list the Selden specific end caps, but most replacement boom parts consist of parts from Ronstan, Harken and NavTech we already stock. Just give us a call with questions.

SLD05017001 O/B End Cap for 3226 Boom Price: $196.00 SLD528100 Gooseneck Toggle Only for E22 Boom Price: $47.00

Etchells Swivel Vang Assemblies by Selden (Proctor)

Etchells Swivel Vang Assemblies by Selden (Proctor) Mounting hardware for the Etchells vang. It is stainless steel and comes as two parts, mast mount and boom mounted assemblies. The mast mount is a swivel set up. The boom mounted assembly is designed to be permanently mounted to the underside of the boom, it includes mounting pop rivets.

SLD50430402 E22 Mast Mounted Swivel Vang Assy. Price: $220.00 SLD50850401 E-22 Mast Vang Fitting Price: $415.00

Etchells Spreaders by Selden (Proctor)

Etchells Spreaders by Selden (Proctor)

Part # Description Additional Information
SLD50312122 Complete Spreader Includes spreader end with bolt and nut needed to hold shroud captive at the end of the spreader
SLD027044 Spreader End Doesn't include screw or nut
SLD02451101 Wrap-around Spreader Bracket, Stainless Steel Includes mounting pop rivets and screws, nuts and washers for securing spreaders to the bracket

SLD02451101 E22 Wrap Spreader Bracket w/Pop Rivets Price: $323.00 SLD027044 E22 O/B Spreader End Only (1) Price: $10.00
SLD50312122 E22 Spreader Assembly (1) Including O/B End Price: $166.00

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