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Thistle Mainsail Tack Slug Upgrade Kit

Thistle Mainsail Tack Slug Upgrade Kit Stay up to date with this new Mainsail Slug Upgrade Kit. Due to recent class rule changes tack slugs are now legal, and a great way to maintain better sail shape.

Attachment point is moved from the boom to the luff track with this kit. Save wear and tear on your main as well! Kit includes tack slug and shackle.

THISTL900 Thistle Mainsail Tack Slug Upgrade Price: $13.08

Forestay Tension Lever

Forestay Tension Lever This lever has five position adjustment and uses 1/4" clevis pins. Once the lever is down and in the opening of the lock fitting, just close the spring loaded pin.

RL326TF Captive Clew Tack Lock, Screw Mounts Price: $10.20 RL750 8 Lever Adjuster Price: $42.77

Thistle Bushing by RaceLite

Thistle Bushing by RaceLite Race Lite Thru Deck Bushing

Holds a 3/8" max line. 30mm in length and 15mm wide. Made of thick durable plastic. Ribbed bottom to fit tightly into the thistle rail. Opening curves outward allowing room for shroud. White. Single bushel only.

RL42 Thru Deck Bushing - White Price: $2.93

JCD Thistle Vang Dead-End Mount

JCD Thistle Vang Dead-End Mount

This is a dead-end mount for a Thistle vang. It is machined from HDPE (high density polyethylene) and mounts inside at the bow. There are milled cavities for the stainless eye strap nuts so that the bottom is flat.

High-strength Permatex threadlocker is used on the nuts, and the four counter-sunk holes are sunk deep to ensure ease of use.

JCD478 Thistle Dead-Eye Mount Price: $38.00

Thistle Tiller and Accessories

Thistle Tiller and Accessories Anodized 6063-T6 series clear anodized aluminum tubing. Sold in standard lengths. Outside diameter is 1-1/2” and wall thickness is .065” with a length of 7’2” (long enough for two tillers). Most Thistle tillers are approximately 56" long.

Ask us to cut your tube down to avoid oversized shipping charges. (Sorry, but this is the shortest tube length available) Plastic tiller cap and tiller extension universal saddle for 1-1/4 - 1/12” tubing available too.

FP408002 1.50 x 7'2 Aluminum Tubing Price: $83.16 R0687 End Cap - 1.5 38mm Tube Price: $2.57
R0713 Saddle For 1-1/4 Tube Price: $7.94

Andersen Bailers for Thistles

Andersen Bailers for Thistles Andersen automatic bailers are made of stainless-steel, guaranteeing you many years of trouble free service. The ingenious design of the Andersen bailer results in maximum suction capacity and makes them very easy to use. You simply open the windward bailer after tacking and close it again before the next track. The result is a dry dinghy. Should you need a different sized bailer, we stock the full range of Andersen bailers.

Kits for the Super Max contain the External mounting rubber gaskets, internal rubber gaskets and rivets for reassembly. Bailer girds are available and keep lines from getting sucked into the bailer. Grids are not included as part of the Service Kits.

Model Installation Size Measurement Fitting Hole Size of Opening
Super Max Inside Mounting 3-1/8 x 5-5/6 inches 2-1/8 x 4-11/32 inches 13/16 inches square

Race Lite Pintles & Gudgeons

Race Lite Pintles & Gudgeons These heavy duty stainless fittings are standard on many Thistles. The lower pintle has a longer length pin that the upper to make attaching your rudder easier.

RL490 Gudgeon XHeavy 3/8 Pin Price: $16.69 RL490L Pintle Lower XHeavy 1.5 x 3.5 Price: $28.16
RL490S Pintle Upper XHeavy 1.5 x 3.5 Price: $27.59

NorthFix Pump Cleat

NorthFix Pump Cleat

A unique, hard-to-find, pivoting cleat that allows the line to run freely until it is pulled out of alignment. Frequently used for spinnaker halyard pump-up systems. The halyard exits the mast, goes through a cam cleat and usually a fairlead. Then there is some space before the halyard runs through the pump cleat. On the line in this space there is a trap handle on a block, which you hold to pump. The tail of the halyard then continues through a fairlead or cheek block and is taken up by shock cord. As you pump the handle, the pump-cleat goes out of alignment holding the tail and causing the halyard to take up through the cam cleat. As you lower the handle, the pump cleat aligns again allowing the shock cord to take up the tail through the pump cleat, readying the system for another pump if needed.

Designed for use with 5/32 inch line.

BBN102 Northfix Pump Cleat Price: $40.90

Ronstan Guy Hooks

Ronstan Guy Hooks Ronstan makes these hooks out of grade 304 stainless steel with neoprene rubber gates. The RF91 features a 1/4 inch bolt through attachment. Include two stainless steel self-tapping screws. RF17031 is the replacement rubber gate.

RF17031 Replacement Rubber Gate Price: $3.89 RF91 Guy Hook w/Bolt Price: $21.21

Racelite 360 Degree Swivel C-Cleat Mount

Racelite 360 Degree Swivel C-Cleat Mount

Mounts on vertical surfaces. Line feeds up through tube and over a sheave to swiveling cleat base. Cleat mounting holes are 38 mm (1 1/2") apart on centers which fits Harken and Ronstan medium cam cleats. Mounting holes for the unit itself are in a rectangle 19mm (3/4") x 38 mm (1 1/2"), based on centers, and uses 5 mm (3/16") fasteners.

The rebuild kit comes with everything you need to make your tired old swivel as good as new for a fraction of the cost. Replacement parts are also sold separately.

RL860P Replace Plastic Bush Swivel(1) Price: $1.43 RL860RB Rebuild Kit for RL860 Swivel Price: $10.78
RL860SH Replacement Sheave for RL860WO Price: $1.79 RL860SR Replacement Split Ring (1) Price: $2.35
RL860WO 360 Swivel Cam Cleat Mount w/o Cleat Price: $81.33

Small 360° Swivel Cam Cleat Mount

Small 360° Swivel Cam Cleat Mount Mounts on vertical surfaces. Line feeds up through tube and over a ball bearing sheave to a swiveling cleat base. Smaller so it fits a mini cams, great for smaller diameter lines. Pre-drilled.

*Cam cleat not included: choose between the Ronstan Small C-Cleat, Harken Micro, Carbo Cam II or Harken Micro Aluminum Cam Matic.

GMW101 Small 360 Swivel Cam Cleat Mount w/o Cleat Price: $65.95 H468 Cam-Matic ll Aluminum Cam Cleat, Micro Price: $26.09
H471 Carbo-Cam ll Cleat, Micro Price: $22.97 RF5000 C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Small, Grey Price: $22.06

Ritchie RU90 Deck Mount Compass

Ritchie RU90 Deck Mount Compass Three inch card, lubber lines, hardened steel pivot and sapphire jewel movement, internal gimbles.

RTRU90 RU90 Compass Blue Card/Black Price: $115.72 RTV81C Cover for RTRU90 Price: $24.98

Plastimo Horizon 135 Compass

Plastimo Horizon 135 Compass This is the big daddy of compasses. To attach it, remove the bezel and mount in a JCD compass ring. Features improved readability with a 5-1/4 inch card with really large, highly visible numbers. Cards are horizontally read and slightly dished for improved readability. Spring-mounted directional system for maximum absorption of shock and vibration. Accurate up to 45° of heel.

Available with a black housing with either a red card or a black card.

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