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Harken Block Diagram

Harken Block Diagram

Harken has done a great job of showing few rigging ideas that use their blocks. Thistles are rigged differently from boat to boat, so look at a few boats in you area and talk with fellow Thistle sailors for additional rigging ideas.

H088 Bullet Single Thru-deck Price: $20.68 H144 Swivel Base with H150 Cam-Matic Price: $134.29
H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99 H2608 40mm Carbo Ratchet Single Price: $54.30
H263 SB HD Track End Stop, Low-Profile (pair) Price: $25.92 H2637 40mm Carbo Single w/Bec Price: $32.21
H2650 40mm Carbo Single Fixed Price: $22.70 H2655 40mm Carbo Fiddle Price: $37.88
H2680 75mm Carbo Ratchamatic Single Price: $126.54 H2729 SB CB HL Fixed Sheaves/Eye Car Price: $162.58
H348 29mm Carbo Single Fixed Price: $12.58 H350 29mm Carbo Cheek Price: $13.51
H3736 SB LB Retrofit CB Track, 6' (1.83m) Price: $89.98 H425BK Flairlead Molded Cam Fairlead, Std, Black Price: $6.07

Side Mount Brackets for Thistle Traveler Controls

Side Mount Brackets for Thistle Traveler Controls These side mount brackets mount under the rail on each side. They are milled from a solid block of HDPE, with 3/8” wall thickness, and ¼” radiused crevices for solid support. Hardware not included.

JCD476 Side Mount Brackets for ThistleTraveler Controls Price: $92.00

Thistle Traveler

Thistle Traveler

These transom mounted Small boat systems operate smooth as silk. If you are mounting on a curved transom, we recommend having your track pre bent to prevent any permanent kinks that may form during installation (Simple bend - vertical bend, ends down). If you dead end your traveler lines to the car use the H2733; otherwise use the H2729 for 2:1 tails.

H263 SB HD Track End Stop, Low-Profile (pair) Price: $25.92 H2729 SB CB HL Fixed Sheaves/Eye Car Price: $162.58
H2733 SB CB High Load Ti-Lite Car Price: $132.70 H3736 SB LB Retrofit CB Track, 6' (1.83m) Price: $89.98

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