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J/105 Cunningham

J/105 Cunningham We've made it easy to rig up a cunningham system on your J/105.

We use 1/4" Maffioli Swiftcord (not shown) as the primary line and splice that to Harken's 40mm Carbo Fiddle Block (w/ Cam & Becket). The Swiftcord is worked through another 40mm Carbo Fiddle Block to provide a powerful purchase system. The purchase system uses a 2' length of AmSteel Blue (not shown) as a strop between the top block and the hook that goes into the grommet of the sail.

You can also purchase the necessary materials separately if you would prefer to make the system on your own.

H2655 40mm Carbo Fiddle Price: $37.88 H2658 40mm Carbo Fiddle w/Cam&Bec Price: $104.94
J105160 J/105 Cunningham Complete Price: $238.08 SC7645 Cunningham Hook to 30' Price: $26.60

J/105 Genoa Track and Lead Cars

J/105 Genoa Track and Lead Cars Schaefer Lead Blocks on cars feature a plain-bearing articulating block mounted on stainless steel car with spring-loaded stop pins. Schaefer spring-loaded lead blocks allow jib and genoa sheets to be sheeted at any angle. Patented springcap design prevents the block from hitting the deck when sheets flog while raising sails or tacking. 360 degree block rotation. Heavy duty stand-up springs and hardkote anodized aluminum side cheeks.

SC4074 1-1/4 Race T-track 4' Black Price: $86.00 SC70492 2-3/8 Stand-Up Block on Slide Price: $175.00
SC7436 1-1/4 Track End Stop - Black Price: $5.04

J/105 Harken Non-Windward Sheeting Traveler

J/105 Harken Non-Windward Sheeting Traveler We’ll leave the debate to you about whether windward sheeting or non-windward sheeting is the way to go but we’ll help you out with whichever you decide to do. If you want to change from windward to standard there are two ways to do it.

The easiest way is to simpy unscrew the cam cleat carraige from the current windward sheeting car, add two H1515 double sheave blocks to the car and add H150 cam cleats to the cockpit sides if you don’t have them. If you want to move to the new captive ball system cars you’re in for a bit bigger project. Harken’s new captive ball cars do not fit on their old track.

If your boat is older than 2001 your track is a non-captive ball track and is obsolete, if you boat is newer than 2005 you have captive ball track and do not need to replace the track. If your boat falls somewhere in between these years give us a call to help you identify whether or not you have captive ball track or not

In order to change your current system from windward sheeting to the new system you’ll need to replace the track and end stops, add the sheaves to the new car as well as adding H150 cam cleats to the side of your cockpit if they aren’t already there. The benefit to tackling the bigger project is that your system will be compatible with anything Harken going forward.

Feel free to call our Customer Service Center at 800/729.9767 with any questions.

H137 Eyestrap, Standard Price: $2.55 H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99
H1515 MR/BB Double Traveler Control Blocks (pair) Price: $112.94 H1523 MR HB Track Endstops (pair) Price: $43.43
H1625 MR CB Long Car/Shackle Price: $178.92 H295 Flat Cam Riser, Standard Price: $7.79

J/105 Windward Sheeting Car System

J/105 Windward Sheeting Car System Harken’s new captive ball cars do not fit on their old track. Unfortunately, if your boat is more than about two years old your track will be obsolete. In order to change your current system to windward sheeting you’ll need to get the following pieces.

If your problem is the current windward sheeting cleats are no longer holding simply replace them with our Windward Sheeting Rebuild.

Feel free to call our Customer Service center at 800/729.9767 with any questions.

H1523 MR HB Track Endstops (pair) Price: $43.43 H1636 MR CB Long Windward Sheeting Car Price: $595.32

Harken Windward Sheeting Car Rebuild

Harken Windward Sheeting Car Rebuild It's easy to breathe new life into your Harken windward sheeting car.

To rebuild one windward sheeting car you will need two replacement cam cleats and two of replacement slider plates.

H150SP Cam Cleat for Windward Sheeting Car Price: $51.93 HCP218 Sliders for Windward Sheeting Cars Price: $2.72

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