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Harken Blocks for the Snipe

Harken Blocks for the Snipe

This is a basic diagram provided by Harken to illustrate blocks commonly used on the Snipe.

Part Number Description Used For More Information
H2651 40 mm Ti-Lite Single Supporting pole launching line Can be replaced with a nylon thimble or smaller block to save weight/bulk
H2625 57 mm Carbo Ratchamatic Forward boom block for extra upwind power Can be substituted for a H2636 (40mm Carbo Swivel Air Block), if extra power is not needed
H009 3" Hexaratchet Main Sheet Block Can be replaced with either H2625 (57 mm Ratchamatic) or H2135 (57 mm Carbo Ratchet
H228 & H226 Micro Triple (& Double) Boom Vang Bullet and 29mm Carbons are also commonly used
H404 16 mm Single Jib Cunningham Not used when Cunningham is run below deck

H009 Hex. II+2 Single CW Price: $90.19 H144 Swivel Base with H150 Cam-Matic Price: $134.29
H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99 H226 Micro Double Price: $27.28
H228 Micro Triple Price: $39.07 H2625 57mm Carbo Ratchamatic Single Price: $90.38
H2650 40mm Carbo Single Fixed Price: $22.70 H340 29mm Carbo Single Price: $21.30
H341 29mm Carbo Single w/Bec Price: $24.55 H349 29mm Carbo Single w/Spring&Eye Price: $19.62
H404 16mm Single Price: $12.98

ZhikGrip Hiking System by Zhik

ZhikGrip Hiking System by Zhik

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ZhikGrip Hiking System

Originally designed for Olympic class sailors, the ZhikGrip rubber texture on the underside of the padded strap and the top of the boots align to mesh together when hiking. Then when you hike with toes pointed, the boot is forced to stretch, adding significant foot support.

ZhikGrip Hiking System

This combination of boot, ankle and hiking strap helps to relax the foot muscles so you can hike harder and longer, while being better connected to the dynamics of the boat. Boots are available in five styles depending on your preference and needs.

Sold as a single strap. Need 4 per boat.

DaKine Adjustable Foot Strap

DaKine Adjustable Foot Strap Adjustable Foot Strap

Neoprene padded, velcro-adjustable foot strap. Pre-formed arch eliminates collapsing. Mounts on centerline near the back of the cockpit.

DK4300100 Da Kine Primo Foot Strap (1) Price: $22.00

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