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Snipe Mast: Rigged Complete or Unrigged

Rigged mast comes complete w/ Rig Pack, all shrouds are fully swaged + forestay, includes halyards, plug and play. Ready to be dropped in place and sailed!

Unrigged mast has no shrouds, no halyards, no Rig Pack.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

SLDD14C0600520 Snipe Mast 2420 Unrigged Price: $1,258.00 SLDD14C0600520R Snipe Mast 2420 Rigged, Incl. Rig Pk Price: $1,562.00

Snipe Boom - Complete w/ Outhaul

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

Snipe Boomkicker

Snipe Boomkicker Seoladair Boomkicker

The Seoladair Boomkicker works in conjunction with your existing vang tackle to support your boom, allowing you to keep the leach of the main open in light air. Also (and perhaps more importantly) supports the boom when the mainsail is down, so rolling your main is a breeze and you no longer need a topping lift. The big improvement is in the installation. No more clevis pins and multiple rods to adjust the length and return force.

Instead, the unit arrives ready to use with the correct spring length. This applies for a Proctor Spar (or any boat with a luff groove). There are no holes to drill and all you need to install it is a screwdriver. This version of the boomkicker uses slug slides to mount in the mast track for easy removal and no need for a permanent installation.

To outfit a Sidewinder mast you will need to remove the slide, drill and tap, or rivet, the flat bracket to the mast. The gooseneck fitting is tied around the gooseneck.

Pin to Pin (in) Return Force (lbs) Boat Size Range (ft)
32 50 14 to 16

SOK312 Boomkicker 14-16' Boat Price: $84.15

Sidewinder Mast & Boom Fittings

Sidewinder Mast & Boom Fittings

We stock all parts for the current Sidewinder Gold and Silver masts. The only difference between the two that we know of is the vang-plate/mast-stiffener. One is short and gold(10" long) and the other is long and silver(49-3/4"). The jib halyard sheave box is a Holt Allen HA9b. The thru-boom block for the pole launcher shock cord (mounted on the outboard end of the boom, port side) is a Harken H088 bullet block. FYI - the older Black masts from Sidewinder are no longer produced. The 14-16' Boomkicker helps hold the boom up and the leech open when sailing in light air or downwind to prevent stalling.

H088 Bullet Single Thru-deck Price: $20.68 HA9B Sheave Box 25mm SS Sheave Price: $52.25
SWD001 Sidewinder Masthead Sheave w/Clevis Pin Price: $28.56 SWD004 Sidewinder Gooseneck Complete Price: $253.68
SWD005 Gooseneck - Toggle, Universal & Bolt Only Price: $142.80 SWD006 Gooseneck - Mast Slider Only Price: $85.68
SWD007 Boom Mounted Receiver Only for Gooseneck Pin Price: $89.04 SWD008 Vang Mast Reinforcement Plate - Gold, Short Price: $151.20
SWD009 Vang Mast Reinforcement Plate, Includes Gooseneck - Silver, Price: $338.69 SWD010 Sidewinder Heel Plug for Standard and Gold Masts Price: $90.72
SWD015 Outhaul Sheave Box for O/B End of Boom Price: $53.83

Sidewinder Spreaders

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Sidewinder Spreaders

The Sidewinder spreader bracket seems to be in use on all Sidewinder masts regardless of whether you are using Selden (Proctor) or Sidewinder spreaders. The original Sidewinder spreaders were not adjustable. The new style have a sleek design. The outboard ends keep the shroud captive and are full adjustable in/out by way of a clevis pin adjustment. The angle adjustment consists of a threaded rod that accepts an allen key (hex-head) for adjustments. It also had a scale so you can keep the spreader adjustment symmetrical.

SWD002 Sidewinder Spreader Bracket Price: $120.96 SWD003 Spreaders w/Non Adjustable O/B Ends (pr) Price: $72.96
SWD030 Sidewinder Adjustable Spreaders (Pair) Price: $409.92

Snipe GRP Mast Fittings for Whiskerpole Blocks

Snipe GRP Mast Fittings for Whiskerpole Blocks Snipe Mast Fittings
Carbon or Fiberglass

These Snipe mast fittings serve a dual purpose. The first, to give you a convenient place to hang the whiskerpole launcher block and second, to protect your mast from whiskerpole chafe when setting and retracting.

The carbon fiber version offers greater wear protection at half the weight of the GRP version. The GRP (aka Fiberglass) version is more economical and comes with one lashing hole pre drilled as well as lashing line for hanging your launcher block.

Recommended Attachment
We suggest bonding the fitting to the mast to create a secure placement. To bond, we recommend using 3M 4200 Bonding Compound (MSC043). It will be strong enough but is much easier to remove than the stronger option, 3M 5200 Compound.

The perfect solution to both problems that will keep your mast clean and scar free for years to come!

MSC043 3M - 4200 FAST CURE, 3oz Tube Price: $18.74 SWD016 Snipe GRP Mast Fitting for Whiskerpole Block Price: $115.20

Selden Snipe Mast Fittings

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Selden Snipe Mast Fittings

On Sidewinder masts, we see most boats using the Sidewinder spreader brackets with the Selden spreaders. The spreader kit is complete with inboard angle adjuster fittings and adjustable outboard ends. We stock all parts for the Selden Snipe mast too.

SLD155008 Slot-Head Screw for I/B Angle Adjuster Casting (1) Price: $2.00 SLD50080101 Adjustable Spreader End (1) Price: $19.00
SLD50375701 Snipe Spreaders with Adjustable O/B & I/B Ends (pr) Price: $184.00 SLD522177 Inboard Screw Angle Ajduster w/Out Screw (1) Price: $36.00
SLD52218101 Snipe Spreader Bracket for a Selden 2420 Mast Price: $86.00

Snipe Mast partner Shims by JCD

Snipe Mast partner Shims by JCD JCD Snipe Mast Partner Shims
6" x 1 1/4" x 1/8"

Made with strong HDPE, the JCD Snipe Mast Partner Shims come in pairs, one for each side of the mast to keep it snug. Apply with light adhesive. We've found that 4200 works the best. They also can be kept in place with some shockcord.

Sold in Pairs.

JCD601 Snipe Mast Partner Shims (Pair) Price: $25.00

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