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How a Snipe Pole Launcher Works

How a Snipe Pole Launcher Works

Snipe Mast Fittings for Whiskerpole Blocks

Snipe Mast Fittings for Whiskerpole Blocks Snipe Mast Fittings
Carbon or Fiberglass

These Snipe mast fittings serve a dual purpose. The first, to give you a convenient place to hang the whiskerpole launcher block and second, to protect your mast from whiskerpole chafe when setting and retracting.

The carbon fiber version offers greater wear protection at half the weight of the GRP version. The GRP (aka Fiberglass) version is more economical and comes with one lashing hole pre drilled as well as lashing line for hanging your launcher block.

Recommended Attachment
We suggest bonding the fitting to the mast to create a secure placement. To bond, we recommend using 3M 4200 Bonding Compound (MSC043). It will be strong enough but is much easier to remove than the stronger option, 3M 5200 Compound.

The perfect solution to both problems that will keep your mast clean and scar free for years to come!

MSC043 3M - 4200 FAST CURE, 3oz Tube Price: $18.74 SWD016 Snipe GRP Mast Fitting for Whiskerpole Block Price: $115.20

Pole Launcher Fittings

Pole Launcher Fittings

The two Sidewinder ends fit nice and snugly and the slider runs freely on the Forespar 1-1/4” aluminum pole blank. Blanks are available in 10’ sections only. H2149 is used as the single block tied to the mast at the gooseneck for launching line. The three Sidewinder luncher fittings are shown above without the pole so you can see how the line and shock cord are rigged.

H2149 40mm T2 Single Price: $33.09 SNIPE110 Pole Launcher Tapered 3/16" Dinghy Control Price: $63.50
SWD012 Launcher - Trumpet End Price: $52.36 SWD013 Launcher - Sliding Collar Price: $57.12
SWD014 Launcher - End w/Sheave Price: $104.16

Snipe Whisker Pole Complete

Snipe Whisker Pole Complete Snipe Whisker Pole

Complete Snipe whisker pole with all of the necessary Sidewinder fittings. Class legal, it's made to fit class length. Don't forget to replace that whisker pole launching line to match your new pole. It's even tapered to save weight.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of this product, our carriers classify it as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

SNIPE102 Snipe Sidewinder Whisker Pole Complete Price: $493.20 SNIPE110 Pole Launcher Tapered 3/16" Dinghy Control Price: $63.50

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