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Dynamic Dollies Laser® Dolly

Dynamic Dollies Laser® Dolly Completely corrosion-proof and maintenance free, the Dynamic Dollies Laser dolly is made of injection-molded tough glass reinforced UV protected plastic joint with components through bolted with a rounded corner strong structural grade anodized aluminum frame. It has a large handle with tie down eyelets and a sling to easily secure boat. Does not have gunwale supports.

Wheels are wheelbarrow style with smooth tread and an inner tube. They have permanent bearings made with Delrin ball bearings that cannot be removed or replaced.

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DD12002 Dynamic Dollies - Laser® Dolly Price: $495.00

Seitech Laser® Dolly

Seitech Laser® Dolly Anodized aluminum frame with fiber reinforced composite joints. Wing nuts at T-joint, quick pins on wheel axles and quick release at the middle of the center tube for easy breakdown and transport.

Two wheel options are available for the Laser Dolly:
- A Wheels (5" Wide x 14" Diameter): for parking lots and smooth surfaces
- F Wheels (9.5" Wide x 19" Diameter): for soft sand (beaches) and rougher surfaces.

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Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

SELASER Laser® Dolly - Std. A Wheels Price: $485.00 SELASERFW Laser® Dolly - Fat Wheels Price: $660.00

Win Design Laser® Dolly

Win Design Laser® Dolly Features its proven quick release, easy storage system. With quick disassembly, it features square aluminum tubing with rounded corners, welded frame joints (anodized to prevent corrosion), Locking bow system on padded supports.

Hull rests on four points: two side supports that rest under the gunwale, a padded hull support, and a padded bow support. Center of the hull rests on padded frame. Light weight design.

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Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

EX2015 Laser Dolly by Optiparts Price: $407.05

Seitech Dolly Replacement Parts

Seitech Dolly Replacement Parts

Use the diagram above to locate replacement parts for Seitech laser Dollies. The diagrams represent just about all of the available parts. If your dolly is another model or configuration or you have questions please call us to correctly determine which part you will need. Call for information on webbing slings and square frame tubes which are boat specific.

SEH2A Handle Grip (Black Only) Price: $3.00 SEP01 Handle Bracket (2 halves) Price: $17.00
SEP04IP Heel Bracket (Heavy Duty) Price: $40.00 SEP04PC Heel Bracket (Std. Duty) Price: $26.00
SEP05IP T-Bracket for Axle (Heavy Duty) Price: $40.00 SEP06 Axle Bracket (Heavy Duty) Price: $26.00
SEP07A Sling Bracket w/ Bosses Price: $14.00 SEP08 Stabilizer Bracket - FlipUp (1) Price: $14.00
SEP09 V-Support - Black Rubber Price: $16.00 SEP12 Handle Bracket Price: $17.00
SEP15 Axel Bracket Price: $15.00 SES1 Dolly Sling Price: $33.00 - $34.00
SET1A Bow Stanchion Price: $40.00 SET1B Fwd Centerline Tube Price: $70.00
SET1BCR Centerline Tube Price: $70.00 SET1C Aft Centerline Tube Price: $64.00
SET1D Axle - Square Tube (Not Opti) Price: $69.00 SET1DR Rear Axle Tube for Opti Only, Config. 10 & 21 Price: $69.00
SET3A Handle Tube, 1 O.D. Alum. Price: $23.00 SET3E Side Stanchion With Cover Price: $16.00
SET7B Wheel Axle Shaft Price: $14.00 - $24.00 SETIE Seitech Side Stachion Price: $30.00

Seimar Cushion Caps

Seimar Cushion Caps Seimar accessories are designed by Peter Seidenberg, inventor of the Seitech Dolly, to make your boating experience more pleasurable.

These injection-molded cushion caps are shaped to fit the handle brackets for the Laser Dolly. When installed, they "cap" the handle brackets and their soft rubber-type material provides cushioning between the handle bracket and the underside of the boat gunwale to prevent abrasion of the gel-coat.

The Laser Cushion Cap Set includes two caps for the stabilizer brackets as well, providing a full layer of protection for your Laser.

SDPCCL Cushion Caps For Laser Set Price: $30.00

Kitty Hawk Laser® Trailer

Kitty Hawk Laser® Trailer

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Made specifically for Lasers®. The boat is supported by three gunwale supports, one at the bow and two on either side of the cockpit, to prevent any pressure on the hull. Features a stainless steel frame and wheel hubs as well as a stainless steel axle, making it lightweight enough to be used as a hand dolly. Pivot bow is standard. Color instructions for assembly included. Assembly is folded, shipped in a box and arrives on a truck.

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KHLTSS Kitty Hawk Laser Trailer S/S Price: $995.00

Trailex Aluminum Laser® Trailer

Trailex Aluminum Laser® Trailer

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Made of extruded aluminum framing, these trailers are light, yet stiff and strong. Three gunwale uprights support the boat. Bow clamp holds the boat bow in place so you do not need to use rope to tie-down the bow. Light enough to use as a hand dolly on land.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of this product, our carriers classify it as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

TRSUT250L Trailex Laser Trailer-Swivel Bow Price: $1,047.00 - $1,147.00

Spar Carrier Laser® by WinDesign

Spar Carrier Laser® by WinDesign

High grade plastic molded rig support for standard Laser®. The forward molding fits in the the mast step hole and the aft molding fits in the aft end of the cockpit. The spars are fixed to the supports with included shock cord. Boom, top, and bottom mast sections can be quickly and easily stored without damaging the deck or spars during transport. Great for trailering!

EX2065 Laser Travel Spar Carrier Price: $79.25

Lazy Bones Laser® Spar Carrier

Lazy Bones Laser® Spar Carrier Made of tough injection molded plastic that's still gentle enough to prevent damage to the deck during transport. One fits into the mast step hole and the other along the back edge of the cockpit. Bungies for securing spars included.

HA5033 Lazy Bones Spar Carrier Price: $107.03

Two Laser® Carrier

Two Laser® Carrier Turn your single trailer into a double - this rack is made of 1/2 inch AC fir plywood and is cut to the profile of both boats to spread load evenly. Add a couple of 2 x 4s (in other words not included) some padding (pipe insulation from the hardware store is cheap and easy) and you are ready for your next regatta. These are precisely machined using a CNC (computer numeric controlled) router driven from Auto CAD to within .01mm. Assembly instructions included.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of this product, our carriers classify it as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

Laser® Step Stopper by Right On Trailer

Laser® Step Stopper by Right On Trailer Easy and inexpensive way to prevent water/ice and debris from accumulating in the mast step while the boat is stored on a dolly or trailer. Made of closed cell foam that won't soak up water. Simply insert the stopper into your mast step and there's no room for water!

ROTLSS300 Laser® Step Stopper Price: $14.99

Harken Hoister for Lasers®

Harken Hoister for Lasers®

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Is your garage filled with so much stuff there's no room for the car? Here's a practical solution. Go vertical!

With the Harken Hoister you can store car top recreational equipment such as your sailing dinghy (or other items) up and out of the way. Best of all, you can hoist/lower onto your car by yourself. A self-locking, ball bearing block system prevents accidental release -- even if you drop the line. Kit comes with everything you need for fast installation.

Four-point Lift System = 6:1 Mechanical Advantage, 8.5 feet max vertical lift - 145 lbs max working load.

H7803 Hoister 4-pt 6:1 145 lbs Price: $140.76 - $160.12

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