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Harken Laser® Traveler Blocks

Harken Laser® Traveler Blocks

Laser boom and traveler blocks made by Harken from stronger materials and ball bearings where needed. Available in a kit or individually.

The boom blocks and upper traveler block feature ball bearings allowing for faster mainsheet eases around the top mark. The traveler block is one piece - no more fussing with brummel hooks and shrink wrap!

In order to install the boom blocks, you will need to remove both eye straps holding your current blocks on by drilling out the rivets. Upon reinstalling the eye straps with the new Harken blocks you will need to do a little work.

We suggest using our Throughbolt Kit for Laser® Boom, which is available below and comes with plug kit and 5 fasteners (APS346). Reinstalling pop rivets is not recommended as the holes may be enlarged by the drilling out of the original rivets.

Kit includes stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers for eyestraps, replacement gooseneck end boom plug and rivet (you will usually destroy the old plug while trying to remove it - plus a new plug gives a tight fit on the gooseneck pin), and special small diameter waxed twine.

Includes complete photo instructions.

Product Review:
These products have been reviewed on APS' Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

APS346 Throughbolt Kit for Laser Boom Price: $13.80 LP91437 Harken Laser Boom and Traveler Blocks Price: $95.00
LP91449 Harken Laser Forward Boom Block Price: $22.00 LP91450 Harken Laser Aft Boom Blockw/ Becket Price: $24.00
LP91451 Harken Laser Traveler Block Price: $52.00

Laser® EPIC Traveler

Laser® EPIC Traveler Aps' EPIC traveler is the LAST traveler that you'll ever need. It's made of New England's Wire Rope Replacement which has both a dyneema core AND cover. A high tech splice in one end and a whip on the other, this traveler will allow smooth tiller transitions without snagging. It truly is epic.

LASER131 Laser EPIC Traveler Price: $49.95

Laser® Traveler Blocks

Laser® Traveler Blocks Standard (class-legal) traveler setup for the Laser.

The smaller traveler block is the lower piece of the assembly, that travels along the traveler line. The larger traveler block is the upper piece of the assembly, that the mainsheet goes through.

To keep the assembly permanently joined while sailing, we recommend installing shrink tubing (APS Part #: CMF261 - see next product below) over the sister hooks to keep them together. Cleaner and more reliable than tape.

HA17874 29mm Single (Lower (Small) Traveler Block) Price: $16.26 HA27874 38mm Single (Upper (Large) Traveler Block) Price: $24.32
LP91043 Upper (Large) Traveler Block, Blue Price: $27.00 LP91245 Lower (Small) Traveler Block, Blue Price: $17.00

Shrink Tube for Laser® Traveler Blocks

Shrink Tube for Laser® Traveler Blocks No need to create a sticky mess using duct-tape to keep your traveler blocks joined. We will provide you with a length long enough to seal two sets of blocks. Just cut, join blocks, and apply heat to shrink up to 50 percent (heat gun works best).

CMF261 Heat shrink tubing 1 LASER Price: $3.70

Laser® Traveler Cleats

Laser® Traveler Cleats Used for the traveler, cunningham and outhaul controls:
- Black Hard Anodized aluminum clam cleat is found on 1999 and newer Lasers. Hard anodizing is more resistant to corrosion and holds lines better.

- Standard silver coated aluminum clam cleats - 1998 and prior.

- Black nylon economy clam cleats -- OK for recreational use, but we don't recommend these for racing due to their limited holding power.

C203 Clamcleat 6mm Junior Price: $5.27 C211MK1AN MK1 Race Jr - Anodized Price: $13.82
C211MK2 MK2 Race Jr - Silver Price: $11.39

Traveler Lines - Racing and Club

Traveler Lines - Racing and Club Standard Traveler length is 12'
Line is sold by the foot.

Racing Setup:
Yale Vectrus 12 - 3/16" Diameter

Vectran is a hi-tech 12-strand line with no stretch and a decent hold in the traveler cam cleat. Lower traveler block also slides quickly and easily over this line. Ideal for Laser's that are actively racing for maximum performance throughout any wind range. Does not absorb water.

Paraloc Shark - 5/32" Diameter

Shark was developed as a heat/abrasion resistant sheet. Thanks to its Vectran core, Shark guarantees minimal stretch. A Technora cover provides great abrasion resistance that will stand up against your traveler blocks.

Dinghy Control Line - 3/16" Diameter

Dinghy Control Line is a polyester cover with a Dyneema Core, a high quality design and extremely durable. It doesn't become stiff, even with a tightly woven cover it's flexible. Great for a traveler that will stand up to high loads and abrasion.

Club Setup:
Marlow Excel Racing - 3/16" Diameter

Excel Racing is a polyester covered line with a Dyneema core, providing minor stretch with a good hold in the traveler cam cleat. The lower traveler block slides well over this line. Ideal for Laser's that are occasionally racing or club's, as this line is more durable than the Vectrus 12 because of its cover. Will absorb some water in the cover.

MREXR316 Excel Racing: 5mm (~3/16") Price: $1.25 RBLDC316 Dinghy Control Line: 3/16" (5mm) Price: $1.05
YCVEC316 Vectrus 12: 3/16" (5mm) Price: $0.94

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