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Laser Spars - Standard, Radial & 4.7

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Laser Spars - Standard, Radial & 4.7

All of the spars in this section come fully rigged, with all necessary hardward installed.

There are three different lower mast sections available, depending on the rig that you need - Standard, Radial & 4.7.

Each lower mast section mates with the one available upper mast section and the one available boom for the Laser - the only difference between the 4.7, Radial and Standard setups are the lower mast sections.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

LP89034 Upper Mast, Complete - Laser Price: $210.00 LP89035 Lower Mast, Complete - Standard Price: $305.00
LP89036 Lower Mast, Complete - Radial Price: $275.00 LP89037 Lower Mast, Complete - 4.7 Price: $305.00
LP89407 Boom, Complete - Laser New Blocks Price: $330.00

Laser® Boom Blocks

Laser® Boom Blocks

Laser boom blocks made by Harken are available individually. They feature ball bearings that allow for faster mainsheet eases around the top mark.

To install, you will need to remove both eye straps holding your current blocks on by drilling out the rivets. Upon reinstalling the eye straps with the new Harken blocks, you will need to do a little work.

We suggest using our Throughbolt Kit for Laser® Boom, which is available below and comes with plug kit and 5 fasteners (APS346). Reinstalling pop rivets is not recommended as the holes may be enlarged by the drilling out of the original rivets.

Kit includes stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers for eyestraps, replacement gooseneck end boom plug and rivet (you will usually destroy the old plug while trying to remove it - plus a new plug gives a tight fit on the gooseneck pin), and special small diameter waxed twine. Also, includes complete photo instructions.

Product Review:
These products have been reviewed on APS's Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

APS346 Throughbolt Kit for Laser Boom Price: $13.80 LP91449 Harken Laser Forward Boom Block Price: $22.00
LP91450 Harken Laser Aft Boom Blockw/ Becket Price: $24.00

Laser Boom Fittings

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Laser Boom Fittings

APSC151 APS Laser® Pro Clew Strap Price: $15.95 HA2021HK 20mm Block w/Hook Price: $33.15
LP90418 Boom Sleeve Assembly Kit Price: $34.00 LP90645 Vang Strap Kit Price: $16.00
LP90650 Gooseneck Plug Kit Price: $12.00 LP90660 End Plug Kit Price: $11.00
LP90668 Lacing Eyestrap Kit - Webbing. Price: $9.00 LP90673 Becket Block Kit Price: $24.00
LP90674 Bullet Block Kit Price: $22.00 LP91020 Lacing Eyestrap Kit - Stainless Price: $10.00
LP91188 Rivets - Aluminum (10) Price: $5.00 LP91189 #64 Rivets - Stainless Steel (10) Price: $6.00
LP91308 Traveler Fairlead, Blue Price: $5.00 LP91327 Clam Cleat, Hardkote (Anodized) Aluminum Price: $16.00

Laser Upper Mast Fittings

Laser Upper Mast Fittings

LP90647 Connector Sleeve Kit Price: $11.00 LP90660 End Plug Kit Price: $11.00
LP90675 Connector Plug Kit Price: $11.00

Laser Lower Mast Fittings

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Laser Lower Mast Fittings

LP90641 Base Plug Kit, Radial Price: $20.00 LP90644 Vang Tang Kit Price: $27.00
LP90654 Gooseneck for Laser Mast Price: $56.00 LP90672 Base Plug Price: $11.00

Recreational Laser Spars

Recreational Laser Spars

Laser Recreational Spars
NOT Class Legal

Although not class legal, these spars make great practice or recreational spars. They are compatible with all class legal spars. Available in standard, radial and 4.7.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

EX2110 Recreational Lower Mast for Laser® 4.7 Price: $182.00 EX2112 Recreational Lower Mast for Laser® Radial Price: $182.00
EX2114 Recreational Lower Mast for Laser® Standard Price: $203.85 EX2116 Recreational Upper Mast for Laser® Price: $121.70
EX2118 Recreational Boom Complete for Laser® Price: $215.30

Laser® Outhall Fairlead Long Rivet

Laser® Outhall Fairlead Long Rivet How to properly install an outhaul fairlead and/or end boom plug.
Because the outer most rivet must pass through the outhaul fairlead, the aluminum boom wall and the end plug, it must be extra long. If you use a standard rivet, not all of the parts will stay together securely. If you are replacing just the outhaul fairlead, use a standard short rivet (inboard side) and a special long rivet (outboard side).

The fairlead does not include rivets and you will need to purchase them separately.

The End Plug Kit includes the plug, 1 short rivet and 1 long rivet. Our suggestion is to replace both the fairlead and the End Plug at the same time. If not, rotate your existing end plug and drill a new hole for the long rivet to ensure a tight and secure mounting of the outhaul fairlead.

LP90660 End Plug Kit Price: $11.00 LP91188 Rivets - Aluminum (10) Price: $5.00
LP91308 Traveler Fairlead, Blue Price: $5.00 V6059 Rivet for Laser Outhaul Fairlead on Boom Price: $0.40

Throughbolt Kit for Laser® Boom Block Eyestraps

Throughbolt Kit for Laser® Boom Block Eyestraps Bulletproof your boom fittings by through bolting your block eyestraps. Some sailors like to through bolt their boom fittings right out of the box for peace of mind on the race course when it is really blowing. Also a good idea if you see any corrosion around your eyestrap rivets.

Kit includes stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers for eyestraps, replacement gooseneck end boom plug and rivet (you will usually destroy the old plug while trying to remove it - plus a new plug gives a like-new tight fit on the gooseneck pin), and special small diameter waxed twine.

Includes complete photo instructions.

APS346 Throughbolt Kit for Laser Boom Price: $13.80

Eyestrap Kits for Laser® Boom

Eyestrap Kits for Laser® Boom Class rules let you replace the stock stainless steel lacing eyestrap in the middle of your boom with a soft strap. For easiest replacement of an existing eyestrap, we recommend using the APS Soft Boom Eyestrap Kit. The Lacing Eyestrap Kit requires you to remove hardware for installation.

APS Soft Boom Eyestrap Kit (APS009)
Our kit contains stainless steel pop rivets, washers, soft strapping and instructions. Just drill out the pop rivets on your old eyestrap and pop rivet ours in place using the same holes.

Lacing Eyestrap Kit - Webbing (LP90668)
Standard on 2011 and newer Lasers®. Single loop webbing with washing and rivet. Installation requires taking off boom blocks.

APS009 Laser Soft Boom Eyestrap Kit Price: $3.95 LP90668 Lacing Eyestrap Kit - Webbing. Price: $9.00
R2645 Plastic Flexible Fairlead Price: $6.57

Laser® Spar Tape

Laser® Spar Tape Class rules allow you to tape plastic plugs on the upper mast section to get a tighter fit and better sail shape. Traditional tapes have a limited life span and leave sticky residues. Spar Tape is very thin, self adhesive tape you can wrap around your plugs 1-4 times each depending on the desired fit.

Made of self-lubricating UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene, it allows you to separate you upper and lower mast sections a bit easier at the end of the day. Also wear resistant for long life.

Sold in 10 foot lengths with peel away backing (enough for 2 or 3 upper masts).

APS421 Laser Spar Tape, 1" x 10' Price: $15.30

Laser® Mast Wear Strips

Laser® Mast Wear Strips These strips eliminate wear between the fiberglass mast step tube and the bottom section of the mast. The strips also shim the mast to prevent movement and improve mast rake. Made from .5mm thick UHMW with an adhesive backing.

Class legal. Instuctions included.

APS392 Laser Mast Wear Strip Kit Price: $6.90

Laser® Mast Step Pro Wear Kit

Laser® Mast Step Pro Wear Kit The perfect combination of wear protection and low friction mast rotation. Lightweight Carbo Disks protect the gelcoat at the mast step base from wear and provide the Wearite Disk with a smooth, flat mating surface for friction-free mast rotation.

- Carbo Disk (carbon/epoxy 0.8 mm thick)
- Wearite Disk (PTFE-Teflon)

The Mast Step Wear Plate is standard on all new Lasers®. Glued or epoxied - 3M 5200 works best - to the bottom of the maststep tube, the wear plate eliminates wear on gelcoat caused by rotation of the mast. Unprotected mast steps wear easily and are a primary cause of leaky boats.

APS912 Kit, Carbo Disk & Wearite Disk Price: $45.00 APS913 Carbo Disk (2) - Replacememts Price: $30.00
APS914 Wearite Disk (4)- replacement Price: $15.00 LP91003 Mast Wear Plate Price: $12.00

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