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RYA Laser Handbook

RYA Laser Handbook RYA Laser Handbook
By: Paul Goodison
160 Pages

The most up-to-date book on this very popular class. Lots of colour photographs and illustrations make this book a 'must' for anyone interested in Lasers.

Detailed chapters on manoeuvring, upwind and downwind technique, care and maintenance, body weight and nutrition and sailing theory.

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RYA001 RYA Laser Handbook Price: $44.95

Sailing is a Breeze: Learning to Sail a Laser, Sunfish or Other Small Boat

Sailing is a Breeze: Learning to Sail a Laser, Sunfish or Other Small Boat Sailing is a Breeze
By: Thomas Martin
182 Pages

Written for the individual who want to learn to sail a Laser, Sunfish, Optimist or other small boat. It is appropriate for use in a class setting (e.g. school or marina), summer camp setting or for personal instruction with a certified sailing instructor.

Once the basic knowledge and skills are obtained, the sailor will be able to enjoy sailing as a recreational activity. Further, "knowing how to sail" will open the door to other opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, and excitement. The sailor will be in a position to move on to a larger more sophisticated boat.

The Boat Whisperer Tactics by Rooster Sailing

The Boat Whisperer Tactics by Rooster Sailing The Boat Whisperer Tactics
2 DVD Set

A must have for any competitive Laser sailor, The Boat Whisperer is at it again, with the Tactics version. Features footage from onboard and spectator angles, along with in depth post race analysis, the Boat Whisperer will provide knowledge to improve all aspects of your dinghy racing.

Steve Cockerill has won over 45 major championships to date. With GPS loggers, TackTracker software and HD waterproof cameras, this is the most exciting footage out there.

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RST021 The Boat Whisperer DVD Tactics Price: $39.95

Championship Laser Racing

Championship Laser Racing Championship Laser Racing
By: Glenn Bourke
96 Pages

If your goal is to win the Laser World Championship, Blenn Bourke can help you. He has won three in a row! The third time his results were 1,1,2,2,2,4 - to give him the championship with a race to spare. As he said afterwards, "Everyone should have a chance to feel this good..."

To produce this book Glenn and the publishing team spent long days on the water, analysing how he sails so fast and dissecting the mental attitude that makes him a winner. They shot hundreds of pictures of him in action, then distilled the whole to give you a logical, clear handbook on how to get to the No 1 spot.

RHFER022 Book: Championship Laser Racing Price: $24.95

The Laser Book

The Laser Book The Laser Book
By: Tim Davidson
128 Pages

Packed with practical advice on rigging, launching and sailing in all conditions, this is the manual for all Laser sailors. With its help a complete beginner can become a competent club racer within weeks of getting afloat, and go on to become a winner. More experienced sailors will find the go-fast tips from champion racers invaluable, but it is more geared towards the beginner to intermediate Laser sailor.

This fifth edition contains updated information on the Radial and 4.7 rigs and the Standard section has been completely updated. Each rig now has a key settings chart to help you make rapid adjustments for maximum speed in all conditions. New control lines are covered in full with over 270 stunning new color photos and 45 color diagrams take you through key techniques and manoeuvres in easy-to follow sequences.

RHWIL050 Book: The Laser Book- 5th Ed. Price: $29.95

The Complete Introduction to Laser Racing

The Complete Introduction to Laser Racing The Complete Introduction to Laser Racing
By: Ben Tan
268 Pages

This book is written by an impressive panel of 10 contributors and 13 reviewers, and edited by Ben Tan. This comprehensive all-in-one book covers everything you need to know about racing the Laser.

The authors and reviewers reveal the knowledge, skills, and tools that will help you train effectively and race successfully. This is a must-have book for every Laser racer.

The Laser Campaign Manual

The Laser Campaign Manual The Laser Campaign Manual
By: Ben Ainslie
96 Pages

Ben Ainslie, Olympic Gold Medalist, explains how to win in Lasers, arguably the most competitive class in the world. Beautifully illustrated with color photo sequences of Ainslie in action, plus website video footage of him demonstrating every maneuver from starting, tacking upwind to downwind technique.

Topics include psychology and goal setting, getting the boat right, speed around the course, fitness and training and how to win a championship.

Advanced Laser Boathandling DVD

Advanced Laser Boathandling DVD Laser Training Center Instructional DVD

Finally a DVD that teaches how to maneuver like a champion.

17 sailors who raced in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, including three medalists, trained at the Laser Training Center, in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. This is the first look at the footage that these top sailors used to improve their skills.

Using different viewing angles, including coach, on-board and aerial cameras, sailors can use step by step images on how to master maneuvers throughout the race course.

Over 50 minutes of video to improve your:
  • Light wind tacks
  • Medium wind tacks
  • Strong wind tacks
  • Light wind gybes
  • Medium wind gybes
  • Strong wind gybes
  • Windward mark rounding
  • Leeward mark rounding
  • Penalty turns

  • LTC001 Advanced Laser Boat Handling DVD Price: $49.95

    Blackburn Bass Straight DVD

    Blackburn Bass Straight DVD

    The story of Michael Blackburn's record crossing of the most feared waterway on the planet in a Laser (13' 10") dinghy.

    They said he was crazy, but he raced across Bass Strait in a record 13:01 hours. Watch the complete story - planning, training, waiting for the weather, launching in the dark, managing fatigue and sailing fast.

    DVD extras include:
    - Extra sailing footage
    - Mast cam in 30kts
    - Training drills
    - Improve your speed!
    - Winning downwind sail set-up and technique from the Olympic Medallist

    PLEASE NOTE: This DVD is produced in PAL format - PAL is a color encoding system used primarily in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, along with parts of South America, Asia, and Africa. In North America, the vast majority of televisions and DVD players use NTSC coding; while the manufacturers have assured us that this should not be a problem, this difference has been known to create issues for a limited number of our customers. If possible, we recommend checking your DVD player's capabilities, as some are unable to complete the PAL->NTSC conversion.

    The Boat Whisperer DVD's from Rooster

    The Boat Whisperer DVD's from Rooster The Boat Whisperer DVD
    Set of 2 DVDs

    From hours of high quality video - taken from onboard and chase boat cameras - Rooster Sailing now offers Steve Cockerill's Boat Whisperer concepts on DVD for everyone.

    Mast head and transom mounted cameras captured the exciting footage of three sailors venturing out at Stokes Bay in 25-35 knots. These DVD's show all the Upwind and Downwind action and presents a comprehensive debrief and investigation of the footage which enables Steve to communicate his unique perspective on sailing single-handed dinghies.

    These DVD's will be useful to both experienced and inexperienced helms to improve their technique and understanding of boat handling.

    Please note that DVD's and CD's are not returnable.

    RST018 The Boat Whisperer DVD's, Set of 2 Price: $59.95

    Classic Models Intl - Laser® Model

    Classic Models Intl - Laser® Model Meticulous in every detail, authentically scaled Classail Laser models are crafted to class specifications, with photo-illustrated, step-by-step assembly instructions. High-impact injection-molded polymer parts are ready for painting. Pre-cut dacron sails can be personalized with any sail number. Kits include running and standing rigging, a suitable-for-framing poster with starboard profile & deck plan. The highest standards of quality and authenticity put Classail models in a class by themselves.

    CLLASER Laser Model Price: $45.95

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