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Laser® Clew Sleeve

Laser® Clew Sleeve

Now approved for use on the Laser® (after the 12/01/2006 ammendment to Rule 3(g) of the Laser Class Rules), the Laser Clew Sleeve is an all-in-one solution to rigging your outhaul and clew tie-down.

Produced by Harken for Laser Performance, a combination of low friction metal sleeving and a ball bearing block facilitates easy outhaul adjustment, especially in light air.

Extensive development went into this particular design, and the hook is designed to not allow unwated release of the sail while still allowing quick release during rigging and derigging. As you can see to the left, the sail is held quite close to the boom, but should not produce any noticeable wear on the surface of your boom.

Particularly useful for 4.7 and Radial sailors where quick adjustments of the outhaul can be the difference between staying upright or getting wet!

LP83055 Laser® Clew Sleeve Price: $55.00

APS Clew Strap

APS Clew Strap Create a nice tight leech by snugly fitting the clew to the boom with a strap. The rectangular shaped ring makes adjusting easier than with a round ring and the double Velcro webbing will keep the strap from coming loose.

APS Clew Strap
  • Fabric: Double Velcro webbing .
  • Closures: Velcro.
  • Other: Stainless rectangular ring. Easy to adjust.

APSC151 APS Laser® Pro Clew Strap Price: $15.95

Rooster Laser® Clew Strap

Rooster Laser® Clew Strap

Rooster set out to design the ultimate clew tie down system for the Laser®. Easy to attach, but it won't loosen and it will still slide nicely along the boom. One end of the strap has the soft velcro on both sides. It then sandwiches between the hard velcro, providing so much contact area that the strap will not slip.

RST017 Rooster Laser® Clew Strap Price: $19.95

SEA Australia Laser® Clew Strap

SEA Australia Laser® Clew Strap

Similar to the Rooster Laser® Clew Strap, but 1" wide webbing.

SEA024 Laser® Clew Strap, 1 Webbing Price: $25.00

Win Design Laser® Clew Strap

Win Design Laser® Clew Strap This one end of the strap has velcro on both sides. It then sandwiches between the hook velcro, providing so much contact area that the strap will not slip. The webbing is 25mm wide. A piece of hard, boom friendly, material is sewn in and reduces friction between the webbing and the boom. The strap is easy to attach, but it won't loosen and it will still slide nicely along the boom.

EX2005 Laser® Clew Strap by WinDesign Price: $18.20

Harken Laser Clew Hook

Harken Laser Clew Hook

The Harken hook seems to work well with the new system. You may need to leverage open the loop end of the hook to be able to slide the loop end of a single block in. We have found this to be very easy. Run the outhaul line and tie the clew tie-down-line as usual. Very clean.

H433 is just the hook.
H404 is just the block.
H394 is both H433 and H404, already connected.

Installation instructions can be found here

H394 Clew Hook with 16mm Airblock - Laser® Price: $26.66 H404 16mm Single Price: $12.98
H433 Outhaul Clew Hook - Laser® Price: $13.99

Pro Quick Clew Shackle

Pro Quick Clew Shackle Easily attach and detach the clew of the sail from your outhaul rigging for quick, repeatable settings. Made up of a 16mm Harken block for low friction and a Ronstan Shackle with a captive pin that won't let you down.

LASER150 Laser Pro Quick Clew Shackle Price: $30.79

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