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Sunfish Sails - Racing/Pro

Sunfish Sails - Racing/Pro

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The Sunfish Racing Sail is built with the racer in mind. These sails use a slightly lighter cloth than the recreational/club sails and they are made to the Sunfish Class Association's standards for racing in any S.C.A. sanctioned event.

The racing sail also features a window for maximum visibilty on the race course.

FREE from APS with the purchase of any Sunfish Racing Sail is a set of Sail Rings (LP95880) - just add the "FREESAILRINGS" part number to your order and we'll be happy to include them with your order.

BBN12N 12" Pre-Cut Sail Number (1 digit) Price: $2.38 FREESAILRINGS Free Sunfish Sail Rings Price: $0.00
LP94306 Sunfish Sail - Race (White with Window) Price: $460.00

APS Practice Race Sail

APS Practice Race Sail APS Recreational Sunfish Sail
White (with window), Red/White or Blue/White
NOT Class Legal

We worked with sailors and sailmakers to develop our new Sunfish sails. Provide a durable option for local racing and training. Our recreational sails are for those looking to add color to their Sunfish sailing. They are made of 3.8 oz. Dacron and includes a drawstring bag.

APSC2101 APS Sunfish Recreational Sail Price: $179.95 BBN12N 12" Pre-Cut Sail Number (1 digit) Price: $2.38
LP95880 Sail Rings (Pkg 30) Price: $20.00 SF001 Recreational Sail Rings 1 1/2" (30pk) Price: $22.80

Sunfish Sails - Recreational

Sunfish Sails - Recreational

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Recreational Sunfish Sails
Green/White, Red/White, Olympic (Red, White and Blue), Makinaw (Blue, Green and White) or Newport (Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple and Red)

The classic Sunfish sail. Available in many colors, it's ready to go wherever you are. Made by North Sails, it's durable for years of Sunfish sailing.

Please Note:
Unless otherwise specified, Standard/Club sails do not come with a window.

LP94307 Sunfish Sail - Red/White Price: $335.00 MSTSF003 Sunfish® Sail- Recreational - NOT CLASS LEGAL Price: $204.94

APS' Sunfish Racing Upgrade Package

APS' Sunfish Racing Upgrade Package Transform your regular old Sunfish into a high performance racing machine. Includes:
  • Harken Carbo Ratchamatics (H2135) with stand up spring (H071)
  • Deckstrap Kit for Mainsheet (LP91083)
  • Gooseneck quick release lever (LP90563) for easy rig adjustments
  • Racing sail (LP94306)
  • Bag of 30 sail rings (LP95880)
  • Two black hardcoat anodized clam cleats (C211Mk1AN)for the lower boom outhaul and cunningham controls.
Add the racing line package shown here and you are ready to roll.

APS034 Sunfish Race Upgrade Price: $600.69 BBN12N 12" Pre-Cut Sail Number (1 digit) Price: $2.38

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