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APS Sunfish Racing Line Package

Pro (Racing) Sunfish Line Package
Sailing Level: Racing
Line Types: Low Stretch, High Performance (Vectran & Dyneema)

In our racing package, we use Amsteel Blue for the cunningham and outhaul. Amsteel Blue is made of stretch-free Spectra and has a strong woven construction and a smooth finish. For the main halyard we use Excel Racing for its tough polyester cover and no-stretch Spectra core. Our sail ties are Excel Vectran, a strong no-stretch line in a snug cover. Our mainsheet choice is Rooster Rope's Polilite, a lightweight polyester line that will not absorb water and has a unique construction that nearly eliminates twists and tangles. Don't get caught up by tangles when you're letting out the main around the weathermark. We add stopper balls for the ends of the outhaul and cunningham lines for easy on-the-water adjusting.

Line Length No. Diameter Line Type
ft m in mm
Main Halyard 25 7.62 - 3/16 5 Excel Racing
Mainsheet 32 9.75 - 9/32 7 Dinghy Sheet
Sail Ties (Foot and Luff) 28 8.53 32 @ 12" ea 1/16 2 Excel Vectran
Sail Ties (Tacks, Clew & Head) 4 1.22 4 @ 20" ea 1/8 3 Excel Vectran
Outhaul: Upper Boom 11 3.35 - 1/8 3 AmSteel Blue
Outhaul: Lower Boom 23 7.01 - 1/8 3 AmSteel Blue
Jens Rig Line 14 4.27 - 3/16 5 Super Pre-Stretch
Daggerboard Shock Cord 9 2.74 - 1/4 6 Shock Cord

APS Sunfish Recreational Line Package

Recreational Line Package
Sailing Level: Recreational/Club
Line Types: Mid-Range Performance, low stretch, durable (Polyester)

In our recreational package, we use Excel Pro for the main halyard and outhauls. Excel Pro is a polyester cover and core. It has low water absorption and runs quickly. A double braid, it is smooth and durable. The mainsheet is made of Polilite Rooster Ropes, a polyester cover with a polypropylene core. With low water absorption, this line is revolutionary design, reducing tangles and knots. The daggerboard shock cord is made from 1/4" shock cord with a shock clip with a black nylon spring.

Description Length Diameter Line Type
ft m in mm
Main Halyard 25 7.62 3/16 5 Excel Pro
Mainsheet 32 9.75 9/32 7 Dinghy Sheet
Outhaul: Upper Boom 4 1.22 1/8 3 Excel Pro
Outhaul: Lower Boom 4 1.22 1/8 3 Excel Pro
Daggerboard Shock Cord 9 2.74 1/4 6 Shock Cord
Shock Clip with  Black Nylon Spring - - 1/4 6 -

SF110 Recreational Line Package for Sunfish Price: $43.24

Sunfish Tune-A-Fish Kit

Sunfish Tune-A-Fish Kit

Get your Sunfish back in sailing shape for the season. Kit comes in a reusable cooler with the Sunfish logo and contains the following items: mainsheet, halyard, outhauls, set of sail clips, tiller extension universal, hiking strap, rigging guide, parts list. The perfect beginning to getting your Sunfish back on the water.

LP83037 Tune-a-fish Kit Price: $155.00

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